Remediation in a Box



Deloitte is the market leader in Financial Crime / AML advisory and an expert in large scale and complex KYC remediation programs

Deloitte has productized their deep and extensive KYC/CDD/AML knowledge into an “out-of-the-box” service. This service delivers a standardized, high-quality KYC/CDD platform and process, that will accelerate our clients file remediations (short-term) and sustainable KYC/CDD solutions (long-term).

The challenges

As market leader in Financial Crime / AML advisory, Deloitte is an expert in KYC remediation and structuring and executing large scale remediation programs. Deloitte helps their clients overcoming their KYC challenges such as:

Technology Legacy

Outdated technology stack which is unable to support the AML, KYC, CDD projects and/or processes.

Policies and processes for KYC/CDD/AML

Creating and maintaining policies and processes around KYC/CDD/AML with the required quality level. This is a struggle that often leads to large backlogs. This is where Deloitte can assist with years of experience.

Staffing to deliver (digital) change

Often the will and drive to perform the necessary changes are there but it is merely a case of the right people on the right place. Deloitte has the right people with the right experience to unburden the organization.

Large backlog with KYC files

Although a lot of organizations have the KYC know-how, they still struggle with the enormous backlog of KYC files. That is where Deloitte can help.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte is the market leader when it comes to Financial Crime / AML Advisory and has summarized everything needed for a high-quality remediation program in one service. This service contains everything from people to process and technology.

  • Deloitte has delivered on all large-scale AML/KYC remediations and enhancement programs, helped clients out of regulatory scrutiny, and continues to deliver worldwide.
  • We can mobilize a team with a proven track record in large remediation projects and with thorough knowledge of the Financial Crime / AML practice.

Our solution

Deloitte has in collaboration with the best FinTech, and state of the art software vendors productized their KYC/CDD/AML knowledge and developed an advanced, quick to deploy, end-to-end CDD/KYC/AML toolbox.

This toolbox can be used for remediation projects and KYC/CDD/AML implementations.

Some of the key features to this toolbox are:

  • Flexible workflow engine
  • (automated) list matching & name screening
  • Client outreach capabilities
  • (Open) API structure
  • Transaction Monitoring


Mark Hoekstra

Mark Hoekstra


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Hilko van Rooijen


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Robby Philips

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