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Performance magazine #26: Across three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe

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Despite dominating global headlines, a word that features less than five times in this particular edition of Performance is Brexit... Instead, in the spirit of the upcoming summer holidays, our globe-trotting takes us across three continents - Africa, Asia and Europe.

Performance issue 26, May 2018

  • Technology is here to help not hurt financial advisers
    Interview with Eugene Maree, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wealthport
  • Automated financial advice in South Africa
  • Unlocking the potential of the “Africa Rising” narrative through private equity
  • An overview of the private funds industry in China
  • The new era of delegate oversight
  • Investment Management Risk: 2017 Deloitte Survey
    Shedding light on South African risk management trends
  • The evolution of the management company and third-party providers
  • The impact of new technology on fund distribution in Europe
    Insights from Pierre Davoust and fellow asset managers
Performance issue 26, May 2018

Performance issue 25, January 2018

  • Interview: The asset management Industry
    Interview with Yves Perrier, Chief Executive Officer of Amundi and a member of the Executive Committee of Crédit Agricole.
  • What has become of French boutiques?
    French third-party managment: accompanying the "French boutiques" boom.
  • A new world for real estate investors
    As the world changes, progressive real estate asset managers are discovering new opportunities.
  • Breathing a new life into investment taxation
    The French Finance Bill 2018
  • Insurance Distribution Directive
    2018: a challenging year for the European insurance sector.
  • Brexit bill
    Could transitioning to a new structure create tax costs?
  • International Investment Disclosure Trends
    The dawn of the fully transparent era.
  • Webinars
    Programme 2018
Performance issue 25, January 2018

Performance issue 24, September 2017

  • Interview: Infrastructure in Australia
    Interview with Damien Frawley, Chief Executive at QIC
  • Where do we go from here?
    The maturation of operational due diligence of outsourced investment management in Australia
  • Capturing the multi-trilliondollar asset management opportunity in Southeast Asia
  • Disruption
    A new way to generate alpha
  • New risk
    In a time of uncertainty and change
  • Blockchain & Cybersecurity
    Let's Discuss
  • Investment fund distribution
    How will innovative thinking in fund distribution create a competitive advantage?
  • A more objective alternative for pension fund reporting
  • Making Japanese M&A work for companies and investors
  • Expecting a smooth evolution of AIFMD
Performance issue 24, September 2017

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