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A profound shift is facing HR business leaders worldwide: The rapid rise of the social enterprise, reflecting the growing importance of social capital in shaping an organization’s purpose, guiding its relationships with stakeholders, and influencing its ultimate success or failure.

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In the context of the Deloitte Human Capital Trend Report 2018, we will be organizing exclusive monthly webinars about the HR trends that will impact your business the most. During these webinars we want to provide you with a deep dive into the 10 trends and allow for more discussions. These webinars will be hosted by our thought leaders in these topics. Sign up to receive updates about the HC Trends 2018 webinars. 


HC Trends webinars 2018

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Watch the People Data webinar

The use of workforce data to analyze, predict, and help improve performance has exploded over the last few years. But as organizations start to use people data in earnest, new risks as well as opportunities are taking shape.

Hosted By: Frederike Rip & Sander Buijsrogge

Date: 5 July 2018

Watch the Workforce Ecosystem & Hyper-connected workplace webinar

The composition of the workforce is changing dramatically. As alternative work arrangements become more common, how can organizations appeal to, engage with, and drive value through workers of all different types? Also, workplaces are being flooded with new and exciting communications tools, each promising to improve productivity. But management must still make important decisions about which tools to use and how to use them—including, perhaps, the decision not to use certain tools at all.

Hosted by: Sarah Rogers & Jasmijn Koets

Date: 30 August

Watch the New Rewards webinar

Why have rewards remained stuck in the past, when almost every other aspect of HR has undergone transformative change? Leading companies are now undertaking the hard work of creating personalized rewards programs based on understanding each individual’s needs.

Hosted by: Colette Leung & John Smolenaers

Date: 20 September

Watch the Wellbeing webinar

Many employers are putting in place innovative programs for financial wellness, mental health, healthy diet and exercise, mindfulness, sleep, stress management, and more. The aim? To both increase worker productivity and meet new social expectations.

Hosted by: Hebe Boonzaaijer

Date: 25 October

Watch the From careers to experiences & Longevity Dividend webinar

In the 21st century, careers are no longer narrowly defined by jobs and skills but through experiences and learning agility. The ongoing transformation of work, the need for people and organizations to constantly upgrade capabilities, and shifts in employee preferences demand new approaches to learning, job design, performance management, and career development. People are living longer, and organizations are shifting their attitudes toward older workers as a result. Organizations that can turn advancing worker age into an asset could gain a competitive advantage.

Hosted by: Marjolein Wevers & Mark Stol

Date: 22 November 

Symphonic C-Suite

Senior leaders can’t afford to work in silos in today’s complex, dynamic environment. The goal is to act as a symphony of experts playing in harmony—instead of a cacophony of experts who sound great alone, but not together.

Hosted by: Alice van der Werf & Rick van der Meijden

Date: 13 December

Watch the Citizenship & Social impact webinar

The social enterprise must evaluate its actions based on its impact on society, not just the bottom line. As stakeholder expectations rise, an inauthentic or uneven commitment to citizenship can quickly damage a company’s reputation, undermine its sales, and limit its ability to attract talent. For organizations, a new question is becoming vital: When we look in the mirror held up by society, do we like what we see?

Hosted by: Egon Hoppe en Marly Kiewik

Date: 24 January

AI, Robotics and Automation

AI, robotics, and automation have gained a rapidly expanding foothold in the workplace, faster than many organizations ever expected. While organizations are increasingly using these technologies to automate existing processes, true pioneers are radically rethinking work architecture to maximize the value of both humans and machines—creating new opportunities to organize work more effectively and to redefine the human workforce’s skills and careers.

Hosted by: Norman Smit & Henri Drogulski

Date: 21 February

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