Research on measures that strengthen the role of the financial sector in climate adaptation


Research on strengthening climate adaptation in the Netherlands

Under the banner of the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte performs a research on which concrete measures are needed to strengthen the role of the financial sector in making the Netherlands climate-adaptive. Want to know more? Read it here!

The basis for the research consists of two cases: the flood disaster in Limburg that demonstrated that regional extreme rainfall poses an increased risk of flooding. Additionally, the city of Rotterdam, due to its location close to the sea and major rivers, also faces an increased risk of flooding. Risks that will only increase due to the changing climate and increase in extreme weather.

Deloitte compares the current situation to what financial measures are needed to minimize the risk of flooding. With the conclusions and recommendations from the research, Deloitte wants to contribute to making the Netherlands climate-adaptive for current and future generations.

Due to climate change, the Netherlands is increasingly experiencing periods of extreme weather, such as increased rainfall and flooding and periods of drought. In addition to mitigating climate change, it is therefore important for the Netherlands to adapt to current and future changes in the weather. The government is responsible for this, but business and citizens also have a role to play. By developing sustainable products and services and making them profitable and financing sustainable projects, the businesses can make an important contribution to making our country climate-adaptive.

Involved stakeholders

Deloitte receives support for the research from parties from both the private and public sector, with financial expertise and knowledge in the field of climate adaptation; Achmea, the Association of Insurers, the Delta Programme, Deltares, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Climate-Proof Together platform (‘Samen Klimaatbestendig’).

An Advisory Board has been set up to ensure the content and impact of the research. The Advisory Board consists of Daan Prevoo (Mayor of Valkenburg aan de Geul), Geeke Feiter (Director of the Association of Insurers), Gerben Wigmans (Managing Director of the Municipality of Rotterdam), Lilian van den Aarsen (Director of the Delta Programme), Sandra Phlippen (Chief Economist ABNAMRO and Professor of Sustainable Banking at the University of Groningen) and Liesbeth Mol (Executive Board Deloitte).

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