Bringing Transparency and Ethics into AI? 

A document with guidance and insights from Deloitte's AI experts  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be hugely impactful. But in order for that to be a positive impact, we need to act now. In this point of view on responsibility and transparency in AI, Deloitte experts share their insights and guide you to embed AI in the best possible way in your company.

Deloitte's AI experts on Responsible & Transparent AI

Deloitte is a strong advocate of transparency and responsibility in AI: AI that has been thoroughly tested, that is explainable to customers and employees, and that has all the ethical considerations in place.

This publication explores our vision on transparent and responsible AI. We also present four propositions that we have developed around the topic. With them, we hope to contribute to a movement to use AI for good. This is the moment to ensure that AI models are built the right way. Only then, can we make sure that AI technologies will not cause harm but benefit humanity.

The Point of View consists of five topics:

  1. A call for Transparency and Responsibility in AI.
  2. Unboxing the Box with AlgoInsight. A toolkit to create transparency in algorithms.
  3. Embedding Ethics in your organisation
  4. AI Driven Business Models: a strategic approach to capture the full potential of AI

For your convenience, we have combined the topics in one PDF. Download the full report through the button on your right or view it online. No e-mail needed.



Deloitte's point of view on responsibility & transparency in AI.
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