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Close the gender pay gap

With the assistance of Deloitte’s step-by-step Plan

The fundamental right to equal pay between women and men for equal work or work of equal value has been in place in the EU since 1957. With the announced Dutch legislative proposal on equal pay for women and men combined with the proposal for a European Directive on pay transparency, the existence of gender pay gaps for equal work or work of equal value in your organization may pose risks.

Are you taking sufficient matters?

The burden of proof shifts from the employee to the employer. Large companies must obtain a certificate demonstrating that they pay women and men equally.

Further employees who suspect that they are not being paid an equal wage can approach the employer with the complaint. If the employer does not act properly or has not installed a procedure for complaints, the employee can approach the Dutch Institute for Human Rights.

Close the gender pay gap

The existence of gender pay gaps for equal work or work of equal value in your organization may pose risks.

From different angles, Deloitte is able to assist your company in being compliant. Deloitte is able to assist you in properly analyzing and documenting data, but also in providing guidance and support in communication with your employees and/or the Works Council.

Our solution prevents your company from potential financial and reputational implications. Read more in the Onepager presented as downloads on the right side of this page (both in English as Dutch)

Close the gender pay gap

More information?

As presented in the Onepagers, Deloitte has developed a step-by-step plan which will give you an overview and provides insight into possible gender pay gaps within your organization in the Netherlands and/or the EU. For more information about Equal pay please get in touch with us.


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