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“Rational solutions for financial regulatory challenges”

The regulatory landscape for financial services is one of rapid and constant evolution. We help clients understand and navigate the labyrinth of European and domestic legislation, regulatory guidance and industry standards. We have extensive experience helping clients respond to new legislation, applying for licenses and training (prospective) board members. Regardless of the challenge, our approach is always hands-on and business-minded.

Your challenge

Financial supervision law can be a complex web with multiple levels and sources of legislation and “soft law”. It is not easy to find your way around and judge the relative weight of European legislation, national implementing regulations, guidance issued by European and national supervisory authorities, jurisprudence and (self-binding) industry standards. Amending internal policies or implementing new legislation is a challenge. Especially when this needs to be done taking into account the specific characteristics of your business.

Particularly when responding to supervisory authorities’ questions or when applying for a license or declaration of no-objection under Dutch law, multiple disciplines and tight timeframes are involved, necessitating diligent and experienced project management.

In addition, in the financial services industry (more than anywhere else), board members need to stay up-to-date in terms of (permanent) education and knowledge of financial supervision regulations.

Why Deloitte

Our team is composed of professionals with backgrounds in traditional law firms, in-house legal and supervisory authorities. We combine in-depth regulatory knowledge, project management skills, an eye for implementation requirements and a multi-disciplinary approach. We are well-connected to our international network and colleagues within other disciplines, enabling us to work in seamless cooperation for the benefit of our clients.

Our solution

We believe in rational solutions for regulatory challenges. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide our clients with tailor-made support, combining uncompromising regulatory compliance with practicality and proportionality.

We have extensive experience in guiding license applications, designing and overseeing regulatory implementation projects, applying for declarations of no-objection, responding to requests of supervisory authorities, managing corporate governance challenges and training board members.


Jochen Blaffert

Jochen Blaffert


Jochen has over twenty years of experience as lawyer, general counsel, board member and consultant. He advises on different aspects of European and national financial market regulations, regulatory fr... More