service operations


Service Operations

Customers expect quality and value in return for their business, but meeting these expectations can be quite different for organizations that provide services rather than products. Deloitte Service Operations practitioners work with service organizations across multiple industries and sectors to improve profitability and business productivity. We help you enhance core elements of your business model, applying analytics and “outside the box” thinking to improve service quality for your customers while creating value for your organization by simplifying processes, reducing operating costs, and aligning technology systems to operating models to achieve a competitive edge.

Enterprise Health System Solutions (EHS)

Enterprise Health Systems Solutions (EHS) works with administrators, clinicians and operational leaders as they migrate to integrated clinical and patient financial information systems that capably support high-quality patient care, administrative cost-effectiveness, and compliance with EHR meaningful use mandates.


Healthcare Provider Performance Improvement

Health care providers around the globe are challenged to meet patient needs while remaining viable in a business sense. Deloitte’s Health Care Provider Performance Improvement practice works with providers to enhance their profitability, productivity, business capabilities, and performance. We focus on business model configuration, process engineering, and organizational design to help you generate measurable and reportable returns on investments.


Banking Operations

In the wake of the global financial crisis, banks and securities organizations are challenged to balance risks, costs, and growth. Deloitte’s Banking Operations practice helps banking and securities organizations enhance performance and market position by streamlining and improving operations, including complex product processing, regulatory change and operating risk management, and infrastructure rationalization.


Government Operations

Governments are increasingly expected to operate and provide services on par with private sector businesses. Deloitte’s Government Operations practice helps government organizations improve profitability, productivity, business capabilities, and operations of both customer-facing and administrative duties, often in support of larger technology efforts.


Insurance Operations

Insurance carriers are challenged to negotiate a shifting landscape characterized by increasing customer demands, economic and regulatory uncertainty, and rapid public adoption of new technologies and channels. Deloitte’s Insurance Operations practice works with insurance executives to transform disjointed operations into an integrated sales and service delivery system that can support an insurer’s ability to identify, write, and retain profitable customer relationships.


Retail Operations

Because consumers have many options available — choices in retailers, products, channels, fulfilment, prices — merchants face a stream of moving parts to drive customer loyalty and financial results across their product assortment.

Taming Complexity with Analytics

Unnecessary complexity and unintended variability in business processes are pervasive challenges in large organizations. Even with large-scale ERP projects and huge investments intended to automate and standardize business processes, the problem persists and is increasing in scope and consequence. While the existence of the problem is widely accepted, determining precisely how, where, when, and why the complexity and variability are occurring has been difficult if not impossible.

Taming complexity

The business leader’s guide to robotic and intelligent automation

As the nature of work has changed, so too have the methods of automation. Robotic process and intelligent automation tools can help businesses improve the effectiveness of services faster and at lower cost than current methods, but with important limitations.


Kees Wim van den Herik

Kees Wim van den Herik


Kees Wim van den Herik is een ervaren adviseur in de bank- en verzekeringsmarkt met een focus op Operations en IT. Hij heeft 15 jaar consultancy ervaring op het gebied van strategieontwikkeling, proce... Meer

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