Dutch Integrated Annual Report

Integrated Annual Report

The Netherlands, Fiscal Year 2017/2018

Integrated Annual Report
Executive Board
Mario van Vliet, Peter Bommel, Engelhardt Robbe

From the Executive Board

We welcome you to our third fully Integrated Annual Report (IAR). This report shares information about our strategy, impact, value creation and related performance in our reporting year that started June 1, 2017 and ended on May 31, 2018.

For Deloitte Netherlands the reporting year 2017/2018 has been executed successfully in line with our strategy. This success was not only defined in monetary terms; our overall market position has also strengthened. This in combination with an increasing impact on our people, clients and society. We are grateful to all Deloitters and stakeholders who have made this possible.

Deloitte North West Europe

The year saw our merger into Deloitte North West Europe (NWE). The rationale for the merger is driven by the needs of our clients, who are less and less restricted by national borders. Furthermore it is driven by Deloitte’s need for greater uniformity, both in terms of client delivery and in terms of Quality, while also driven by the opportunity for our talent as well as being able to further streamline our operations. We have made good progress in our first year as NWE.

Strong performance

In our first year as a part of Deloitte NWE we realised continued growth in our revenue and result before taxation and management fees. Our revenues increased by 10.2% compared to the previous year to reach €896.8 million. Our result before taxation and management fees increased by 13.5% to €167.7 million, an increase of €20.0 million. Our revenue growth was driven by all businesses.


After three consecutive record-breaking years in terms of overall performance, our focus in 2018/2019 will be on further building and investing in quality, innovation, talent as well as in our operations.

We look forward to making a further impact that matters for our clients, people and society in the new fiscal year.

Peter Bommel, Mario van Vliet, Engelhardt Robbe


Deloitte's strong financial performance is the result of our continued execution for the six pillars of our Plan 2020:

  1. Ensure quality
  2. Become premier career destination
  3. Accelerate growth and innovation
  4. Improve client portfolio
  5. Establish lean operations
  6. Seek internationalisation

For each of the pillars, we have defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and set target values to be achieved by 2020. The KPI's are highlighted in the carousel below and are explained in more detail in our IAR.

To facilitate a sound execution of our Plan 2020, we have particularly focused on Innovation, Impact and Culture in Fiscal Year 2017/2018. Scroll down to read more.

Click on the arrows on the left or right to learn more about our 2017/2018 net turnover and strategic KPIs, leading the way to realise our ambitions for 2020.


Deloitte takes innovation very seriously. By 2020 we aim to generate 30% of our revenues from innovative products & services.

To do so, we will continue to sharpen our focus and invest in developing innovative products & services, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics, blockchain and robotics / process automation.

We have over 100 innovation professionals in multiple teams who help colleagues and clients to innovate. Our expertise, breadth, and scale combined with passion for business challenges, make a powerful combination that help our clients to stay ahead of change to make an impact that matters.

A concrete example of one of our Innovation projects and solutions is DocQMiner: a disruptive platform that significantly reduces time for contract reviews through artificial intelligence in all major languages.

“Innovation is one of our key differentiators. We want to be the most innovative firm in the marketplace and in how we innovate our own business.”

David Sproul, CEO Deloitte NWE


Making an impact that matters on clients, people and society

We aim to be an organisation that our stakeholders view as a leading role model for quality, integrity, and positive sustainable change. Our ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders is crucial as it helps us understand what they consider important and what their perceptions are on Deloitte and our activities.

By providing assurance on complex financial and accounting matters or IT systems, we contribute to and enhance public trust that is essential for the functioning of the business community and for society at large.

By rendering a wide variety of advisory services to our clients, we improve data quality, contribute to legal and tax compliance, provide organisational insights, reduce and mitigate risks, streamline processes, stimulate innovation and inspire leadership.

The topics below are examples of our impact on clients, people and society.

Impact on clients

Daan Hoevers and his team, who work at Deloitte’s Internet of Things (IoT) Centre of Excellence, are exploring the wide array of opportunities that IoT can offer in the healthcare sector.

Together with their UK colleagues, the team has begun collaborating with Vodafone IoT Healthcare, a market leader in mobile communications between devices.

Daan Hoevers: “With this cooperation, we combine our strength in healthcare advice with our expertise in cyber security, privacy and legal matters.

We’re now developing a number of commercial cases while also deepening our relations with Vodafone.”

Impact on People

Opening up about your darkest thoughts can decrease the odds of falling victim to burn-out, depression and suicide. Katalijn Ritsema van Eck (manager at Deloitte), who has had to deal with a suicide in her own family, wants to create an open culture in which it’s acceptable to talk about the hardest aspects of life.

“Especially in the corporate world, we prefer to discuss what’s going well over what’s causing us trouble,” says Katalijn. “I want us to break that pattern.”

Together with her team, she created a project (Taboo Breakers) for the Dutch Stichting 113 Zelfmoordpreventie (Suicide Prevention Foundation) and united ten multinationals for the founding of the Corporate Depression and Suicide Prevention Network.

“Colleagues and customers have opened up thanks to our project,” she explains. “That also encourages others to be forthcoming with their own issues. This snowball effect can go on to change the culture of the corporate world. In turn, this contributes to preventing burn-out and depression, and will ultimately save lives.”

113 online
Katalijn and her team won an Impact Award with their project: Taboo Breakers

Impact on Society

For the seventh consecutive year we organised the National Money Exam to teach children from groups 7 and 8 to manage their money more consciously.

Former Minister Dijsselbloem ended the Week of Money at our office in Rotterdam by handing out diplomas to the children, and appointing one of the children to the ‘mini-minister of Finance 2018’.

This year we reached around 20,000 primary school children.

Watch the video to learn more about this event.

“With the success rate of cancer treatment improving, we need to start thinking about life after cancer. Survivors want to return to normal: with a decent quality of life, access to normal insurance and a normal job.

Deloitte Impact Foundation has joined us in pursuing this mission, and is helping us to find solutions and create social impact.”

Isabelle Lebrocquy, Founder oPuce and Cancer-Survivor


Our culture is a key enabler for the quality of our services and ultimately a key differentiator, also for our clients. Together with our clients we should be able to reflect on the issues that keep them from meeting their goals, or rather contribute to achieving them.

To increase our impact, we invest in the leadership capabilities of our people in combination with technical abilities, for example, through focused result driven coaching and through the Deloitte University Europe programmes.

To change our culture, feedback and continuous learning are essential. Only by being open and accessible we can move from good to great.

We are fully aware that to provide superior quality, we need a diverse culture comprising people from different cultural backgrounds, education and experience. In this area of diversity and inclusion, further improvement and enhancement is needed in order for us to excel.

This is being worked on with various programmes and projects including building on an environment for people of all types and beliefs to feel completely accepted and to have full opportunity to thrive personally and professionally with Deloitte.

Diversity & Inclusion

An important element of our culture programme is the attention we give to diversity and inclusion. More actively than ever, we are paying attention to gender diversity, proactively providing coaching to female high performers among other measures as well.

We aim to create an environment in which men and women can invest in their work-life balance, for example, by having the opportunity to take one month of unpaid leave. In addition, we have stepped up our efforts regarding the re-entry of talent, especially after maternity leave.

Within Deloitte Netherlands we have three communities addressing the importance of a divers & inclusive culture: Cultural Diversity, GLOBE and the Women's network.

Read more about our D&I programme

Meet Aime

Deloitte’s first artificially intelligent co-worker

Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence Center of Expertise (AICE) launched Deloitte’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) co-worker called Aime.

Aime joined Deloitte for two weeks and surprised our colleagues with her AI knowledge and skills.

Almost 600 colleagues registered for Aime’s ‘AI for Dummies’ training and became friends with Aime via social media. The video recap of Aime’s adventures was viewed 43,000 times.

Creating a Culture of feedback

To create a culture of feedback, we have taken several initiatives in 2017/2018. In August 2017, we introduced 24-hour partner sessions in which we engage with our partners and executive board on desired behaviour and collaboration.

Employees, members of the Executive Board and partners also participated in culture-centred roundtables in several of our offices in the Netherlands. In Spring 2018, we started the preparations for the launch of the Shared Values Campaign that will start in Autumn 2018.

A cultural change is a continuous process we need to keep attention to. From the interactions we had in 2017/2018, it has become clear that our people are motivated to work collaboratively on our cultural challenges. That inspires us to step up our efforts for cultural change.

Dialogue case

Employees, training days and office locations

Here are a few facts and figures about our number of employees, average training days and office locations in The Netherlands. For more information please download our Integrated Annual Report.

Attraction of Talent

We are active in the labour market to recruit talented future Deloitters through various media including our recruitment website http://werkenbijdeloitte.nl.

Our promise to new employees is that we offer them a challenging job while ensuring continuous personal development.

We recognise that a career model must reflect the needs of a new generation that are more flexible, and with people leadership at the core of development efforts.


Download the Integrated Annual Report for fiscal year 2017/2018 here. For more reports you are invited to download our previous Integrated Annual Reports and Transparency Reports.

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