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Overview of European Residential Markets

We are pleased to present you the 10th anniversary edition of the Property Index, Overview of European Residential Markets. During more than a decade, Property Index has become one of the most influential publications on residential real estate markets in Europe and has proven to be a valuable source of information for professionals, institutions and general public.

Property index analyses factors shaping the residential markets together with their development and compares residential property prices across selected European countries
and cities.

The publication aims to provide you with European residential market data on a regular basis and to answer questions on how Europeans live and at what costs.

Despite the fact that the aim of this publication is to provide a complex overview of the past year’s development on residential markets in European countries, we could not ignore the current ongoing situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in 2020 that still dominates the public debate even today.

While there was no significant negative effect of the global pandemic on the Dutch residential market, it did change the dynamics between local markets. Where smaller cities in the Netherlands showed increasing demand and higher than average transaction price (per sqm) increases, larger cities such as Amsterdam showed smaller than average increases (7.0% price increase in Amsterdam compared to 10.8% nation-wide). It appears that only the rental market in Amsterdam was negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Probably due to fall out of demand in the expat segment.

Other European countries show similar trends of record braking transaction prices accompanied with a decrease in the number of transactions, ongoing low interest rates and undersupply in the housing markets.

We hope you will find this edition of Property index interesting and that it will provide you with insights and information you need.

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