Deloitte and 3rdRisk bring you an integrated cloud-based solution to manage your third-parties with ease and confidence

Value chains are becoming increasingly interconnected and complex. The need for visibility and proactive monitoring of supplier risks is essential to enhance resiliency, regulatory compliance and to enable trust in doing responsible business.


Why Deloitte & 3rdRisk?

Deloitte is the leader in providing Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) services

Helping our clients do responsible business is fundamental to Deloitte and managing 3rd party risk is essential to have transparency & trust within the responsible value chain

Manage risks & incidents swiftly and effectively
Comply to regulatory initiatives by leveraging best practice risk questionnaires & Deloitte specialists

What is 3rdRisk?​

Third-Party Risk Screening for a Large International Bank

An EU Regulatory Agency requested a large international bank's top 100 critical vendors be assessed for potential cyber risk. Using 3rdRisk, Deloitte specialists conducted the assessments leading to the Agency to strike the finding.

Third-Party Risk Screening & Monitoring for a Nonprofit Environmental Organization 

Deloitte used 3rdRisk to screen & monitoring a NPO's top suppliers and uncovered supplier response inconsistencies pertaining to health & safety procedures that could have posed a potential reputational risk to the NPO if undetected.

Providing end-to-end insight into supply chain risks for a Large Food Retailer

A large food retailer experienced a critical product shortage leading Deloitte to implement 3rdRisk to enable an end-to-end assessment management workflow to rapidly issue supplier risk assessments to mitigate future disruptions.

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