Operational Risk

In a world where corporate IT issues, security threats and data breaches are everyday business, having confidence in your IT environment and data quality is more important than ever. Deloitte gives assurance on, and advises about IT, by suggesting technical and organisational controls to confidently manage your checks and balances.

Your challenge

As a globally operating organisation you are dealing with complex and voluminous data that exists in multiple disparate and partly outsourced systems. Some organisations still work with extensive manual testing procedures, others work with complex IT applications that are unique to the organization or industry.

Whatever applies to you: being in control over and being able to trust the data is not only important because regulators and stakeholders ask you to, but also because data is today’s most valuable asset. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to create value from it in a clever and efficient way. That is only possible with accurate operating procedures. So how do you get assurance over them?  

Our solution

We help organisations to meet the assurance demands of regulations and standards. We analyse your IT environment thoroughly and advise you on how you can improve your processes.

These are our assurance offerings:

  • IT Audit
    We deliver advisory and control services related to IT, entity level and business process controls. For our IT Audit services we use Deloitte Process X-ray™ [link?]: an acclaimed process-mining tool with which we analyse and combine all of your data and compare how processes would have worked with the actual process execution. We identify causes, perform benchmarks and help you with process improvement. We also have our own SAP Center of Excellence in which we combine our business knowledge with the SAP EWM technology to help you optimise and successfully manage your warehouse operations and planning.
  • Third party assurance
    We address regulator and marketplace demands to manage third-party risk through our third-party optimisation services. We can provide you with an objective report of the control environment of your organisation—which you can use to give comfort to your clients—or of the control environment of the service providers you are working with.
  • Audit analytics
    We explore data to discover and analyse patterns, identify anomalies, profile, and reveal relationships from large sets of client data. We use Deloitte Process X-ray™ and other advanced analytics technologies to improve your audit. 

Why Deloitte?

Our internationally acknowledged teams have in-depth knowledge about all kinds of IT environments, the latest data analytics technologies and know how to translate their findings into actionable insights. Choosing Deloitte will give you and your stakeholders the necessary assurance.


Wim Eysink

Wim Eysink


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