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Blockchain technology services

Business driven, cross industry co-creation, for digital trust solutions

How will blockchain technology impact your business? What advantages does blockchain technology offer for your organization? How can we understand advantages and apply them to our internal processes?

Our approach

Deloitte helps businesses go from questions to answers by rapidly prototyping proof of concepts in collaboration with multiple parties. We provide educational bootcamps, hackathons, and a follow-up in which co-creation with the client is a key contributor to success, Deloitte’s Blockchain Services helps develop, scale, and manage novel client applications.

We offer managed services and secure server environments in our cyber center, to bring your application to life in a secure and trusted environment.

Client benefits

Blockchain can significantly reduce overhead in organizations by shortening processes thereby reducing costs. It increases the reliability of data through unique, tamper-proof storage and registration enabling quick information validation across entities. New use cases create new business possibilities.

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte has proven experienced blockchain experts across technical and business domains and can apply the latest industry knowledge to build blockchain solutions. Backed by a strong EMEA blockchain Lab and Community we help build blockchain strategy, design use cases and deliver blockchain solutions for our clients.

Deloitte has a flexible solution approach through proof of concepts and co-creation which can be delivered together with the client and also in a secure (encrypted/keys) managed service format through the TES platform. This allows for quick solutions builds and market tests.


Healthcare: Secure & private patient–doctor medical data sharing
Real estate: Contracting & financial insights
Insurance: Recording critical records, available across companies

More information

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Our blockchain approach


Jacob Boersma

Jacob Boersma


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