Brand & Reputation Risk


Brand & Reputation Risk

Strategic & Reputation Risk

Company reputations are in the spotlight like never before. In the wink of an eye, they can be destroyed or rocket sky high. We can help you control these situations and provide you with the tools and insights necessary to build a resilient and distinctive brand and reputation.

Your challenge

To effectively promote, protect and preserve your company’s brand and reputation, they must be managed programmatically with ownership and accountability residing in the C-suite. In this way, it becomes easier to detect risks, but also seize opportunities and shape perceptions to achieve greater brand resilience, market differentiation, and strategic positioning. And that is what you are looking for in a time where brand and reputation risks can be pervasive, all-encompassing and unmanageable. But what does this coordinated approach look like?

Our solution

With our innovative and comprehensive method, we can help you develop risk-intelligent strategies and invest in the right capabilities. This means that you can drastically reduce the size of brand and reputation risks while continuing to succeed and grow.

Together with the Board, C-suite and Brand & Reputation executives we develop deliberate and repeatable experiences that preserve and enhance brand value, build resilience, and create emotionally-connected customers, employees, and stakeholders. We evaluate the impact of the reputation risks and we help you to establish the appropriate controls and procedures that are needed to respond to possible events. We also help you to monitor your reputation systematically using innovative sensing technologies, and measure the results of your brand and reputation management.

In short, with our Brand & Reputation Management services we can help you:

  • Set a clear vision and strategy to amplify your brand, differentiate from the competition and achieve business strategies.
  • Empower key stakeholders to actively champion your brand and protect your reputation, especially during crises or brand shocks.
  • Sense, assess and manage risks and proactively prepare to protect reputation from crises or brand shocks.
  • Establish clear ownership to drive connectivity and alignment, measure outcomes and continually adapt and build resilience.

Why Deloitte?

Our multidisciplinary teams have distinct experience in working with or as (non) executives on brand and reputation management in moments that matter the most. In these teams we combine strategic knowledge with our sector and company specific knowledge while utilising the latest technology-enabled solutions. We have developed a holistic approach to brand and reputation management that aligns resources and capabilities to help you activate your brand, deepen brand advocacy and protect your company’s reputation.

Risk Powers Performance

Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. At Deloitte, we help businesses gain a new view of risk—seeing risk management as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.


Frédérique Demenint

Frédérique Demenint


Within Deloitte Netherlands, Frédérique is a Partner and leads the Resilience, Crisis & Reputation practice within Risk Advisory. In this capacity, she supports leading organisations and their leaders... More