Climate and Environmental Risk

Lead the integration into your risk management processes

Climate risks are materially impacting organisations and play a crucial and ever-growing role in the risk management strategy. Integrating these climate risks into the entire organisation can be challenging. Deloitte can help your organisation with the identification and integration of climate risks, including climate risk modelling, climate scenario analysis and stress testing, setting up a climate risk data infrastructure and climate risk disclosures.

Your challenge

Climate change poses risks and opportunities for organisations across all industries. It is essential to understand the physical, transition and liability risks to which your organisation is exposed. A purpose led approach will accelerate the integration of climate related risks and opportunities within your organization. This will safeguard the management of climate related risks, the determination of suitable mitigation strategies and ensures that also possible benefits are taken into account. Furthermore, alignment with internal stakeholders is key in achieving your targets, while also external stakeholders including investors and regulators, should be informed about your organisation’s climate risk profile. Deloitte can help your organisation to shape an appropriate approach to manage the climate risks, but also seize the climate related opportunities.

Our solution

We can enable you to manage and measure your climate risk exposure and engage in long-term value creation through the following services :

Climate Risk

Climate change poses risks and opportunities for all organizations across all industries. Understanding what physical, transition and liability risks are and being able to quantify them is essential to mitigate and adapt—not only for an organization’s continuity, but also for external stakeholders, including investors and regulatory bodies. But where to start?

Awareness and Education  

Deloitte Greenhouse lab: An one-day workshop at the Deloitte Greenhouse that will help to put climate change in context. What is the corporate responsibility to
address climate change? How does good climate-governance lead to new opportunities? How to set challenging and achievable science-based emission reduction targets? How to build and use scenarios of climate change and quantify their impact on business models?

Strategy and activation

Risk Assessment and Modelling: end-to-end support for assessing the risks and
opportunities for an organization’s business model/value chain arising from a
range of climate change scenarios and decarbonization pathways. Services
include: risk identification, scenario building, modelling and risk quantification, as well as integration within broader Enterprise Risk Management frameworks.

 External communication

TCFD gap analysis: we have extensive experience of supporting clients report against recognized frameworks, such as TCFD, in a manner which demonstrates competent management of climate risk and opportunities to investors and other stakeholders. Senior leadership at Deloitte partakes as a member at the TCFD in the Financial Stability Board.


Other services

Next to those three main areas we also provide other sustainability-related services, for example on circular economy, responsible supply chain (e.g. ecosystem related issues with climate change or supply chain resilience), implementation of the SDGs and assurance and reporting of covid-19 responses to stakeholders. We help businesses with developing circular business models to support the transition towards a low-carbon economy, with increasing responsibility throughout the whole value chain and with translating the SDGs into strategic pillars in order to create long-term value. 

Why Deloitte

We combine our in-depth knowledge of climate risk identification, integration, modelling, stress testing, reporting, data and regulatory considerations with an integral approach. We bring added value by translating strategy and regulation into an efficient and effective implementation into your organisation. Our industry expertise and international network ensures that we can offer tailor-made solutions to complex challenges both on a national and an international scale for your organisation.


Vanessa Otto-Mentz

Vanessa Otto-Mentz


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Eric de Weerdt


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