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Data Management & Engineering

Achieving pace and quality in creating and adopting data solutions at scale

We leverage our capabilities to design and deliver the data architecture, pipelines, and solutions that underpin the responsible use of data, as well as set up the supporting data management organization.

Your challenge

  • In today’s business world, the ground rules for success are only as relevant as the data that feed the analysis, the analysis that fuels the insight, and the insight that drives decisions. With digital and advanced technologies constantly disrupting the playing field, it’s never been so challenging to keep up the pace. Whilst simultaneously, companies are being subjected to an increasing amount of regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Within your existing data environment you may wonder where the bottlenecks are in operational processes, how to gain a better understanding of performance determinants, how data quality be improved and efficiency increased?

Why Deloitte

  • For Deloitte, no request is too big. No matter how complex our clients' situation is, we always listen to and work with them to address their questions and find the right answers for their individual data management needs. This is done by taking a structured approach; this is essential for achieving both pace and quality in the creation and adoption of data solutions at scale. This goes beyond technology – we consider strategic alignment, talent and leadership, business processes, and the entire information lifecycle and systems associated.
  • With both deep market insight and technology solutions, our integrated services empower your business to chart a new course, unlock new value and drive transformative results.

Our solution

To drive these transformative results, our Data & responsible Insights team distinguishes itself with the following factors:

  • A ‘go-to-market’ approach: Our value proposition is fundamental: high data quality expertise as part of a more extensive client challenge/client ask. We build the engine and cover the under-the-hood part of our client’s requests. As a tandem, we go to market with other Deloitte services and industries.
  • Long-term focus: We offer timely delivery in the short term, but what we do is long-lasting and sustainable with issues being solved at the root.
  • Expertise: Deloitte Data & Responsible Insights counts >75 experts, all extremely high qualified with years of experience. We are a global leader, which gives us the depth and breadth of experience in dealing with all sorts of data management issues and requests. We design and deliver data architecture, pipelines, and solutions that underpin the responsible use of data. Furthermore, we provide insight and help by taking care of data work streams and all data-related activities that have been included in the day-to-day operations to maximize value and alignment with the business with a strong focus on data quality.
  • Ultimately, our clients have told us that our results give them peace of mind; knowing that Data & Responsible Insights is taking care of the issue and will get it done, no matter the complexity.
  • If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact any of the contact persons below as they are happy to give you more information.


Marko van Zwam

Marko van Zwam


Marko has 25 years of experience of advising client on how to do Responsible Business at the intersection of Information Technology and Risk Management. He has implemented security & controls in ERP-s... More