Deloitte CISO programme


Deloitte CISO programme

Connect, support and lead by example

Given the increasing profile placed on the CISO, it’s little wonder that the role is demanding with many challenges beyond just the technical.

You have the technical skills, but how do you apply these skills to the everyday situations generated by cyber risk? The CISO programme complements the CISO lifecycle with tools, experiences, international networks and learning opportunities to deal with the daily pressures posed by the role. The programme centres on five key components we believe to be the enablers of success in the Cyber world and beyond.

A space for security leaders to challenge themselves and explore their potential

The role of the CISO is more critical and demanding than ever, and effective leaders are in high demand. We understand this and have created a programme that is tailored to enhance your leadership skills and to help elevate your impact through experiential learning. It has been designed to promote discussion with peers internationally that provoke ideas and challenge your assumptions.

At a glance, the exclusive CISO programme includes:

  • International Networking and Events
  • Facilated labs and workshops
  • Insight papers and articles
  • Support your team and society

Our CISO programme focuses on developing you as a cyber security leader. The exclusive programme places emphasis on the broad set of skills required to make an impact and lead by example rather than just build technical knowledge. It provides a confidential, safe space for you, but will also provide opportunities for your teams to benefit from tailored activities for them, which is often overlooked. This is an opportunity to focus on you and your leadership role within the organisation, as well as your legacy and your overall cyber network.


Niels van de Vorle

Niels van de Vorle


Niels is Risk Advisory’ lead for Manufacturing and Corporate Industries with a full focus on creating and expanding relationships at our clients. He has over 15 years of Corporate Governance, Risk man... More