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Future of Controls

Smarter controls for better performance

A bold, positive and balanced view on the Future of Controls designed by Deloitte Risk Advisory to make your controls more effective and support your performance.

The Future of Controls

In our rapidly transforming world, where consequences are far greater, we believe controls are still not working. Despite all the investment and increasing requirements and regulations, we believe controls are not prioritised and they are largely focused on financial reporting. Typically these controls only become a priority for organisations when they fail, resulting in increasing costs and a reactive approach. Overall, we believe the status quo is broken and a new approach is required.

At Deloitte, we have an experienced team of controls professionals, supported by world-class methodologies, case studies and technology. Through this website, you can find our latest insights, publications as well as links to register for our flagship events. If you would like to know more or ask any questions please contact us using the various links on this page. We would be delighted to support you on the journey to the Future of Controls.

Future of Controls POV

Future of Controls - A bold and positive vision

In this global perspective on the Future of Controls, we examine the evolving risk landscape and key trends that are influencing internal controls. We offer a clear Future of Controls vision aligned to a wider business strategy, share relevant case studies, and dive into the three levers that help you assess your current state and shape your journey to achieve your vision.

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How Future of Controls can support your ESG agenda

Supporting organizations to act on their sustainability promises and requirements

By adopting an integrated ESG controls framework, organizations have the ability to make quick and convincing impacts on their ESG commitments. The framework can help leaders embed ESG elements across the organization’s value chain, identify and mitigate risks, and establish a recurring practice of measuring and reporting on controls and KPIs.

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5 Trends influencing internal control strategy

Staying ahead of rapidly evolving risk requires understanding and evolving with the current environment and setting well-planned future of controls goals

Developing a Future of Controls approach that clearly aligns to the wider business strategy can help organizations become more agile, resilient, and support accelerated digital transformation.

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The Future of Internal Controls

Embracing advanced automation

Maximizing automation is key to delivering on the benefits of Future of Controls (FoC), namely to increase confidence, intelligence and performance.

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Realizing the Future of Controls

Three steps for financial services organizations to take right now

An approach to controls that will support the business going forward in today’s risk and regulatory environment.

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Internal control over sustainability reporting

What is the winning formula?

Transparent, accurate and timely reporting of sustainability and ESG information is not only a regulatory requirement, it is also a commercial and societal necessity. Without it, organisations will struggle to build the trust and confidence they rely on from investors, customers and their people. This challenge requires a comprehensive system of internal control as the bedrock for regulatory compliance and strategic evolution. The foundations to build this capability already reside within most organisations, but few are realising its full potential.

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Rogier de Wit


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Francesco Arancio


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