Deloitte’s platform for gamified learning

Hackazon is a platform developed by Deloitte which allows both students and professionals to constantly refresh and improve their technical cyber skills based on the latest developments in cyber security.

Your challenge

Our world is becoming more and more digitally connected. New technologies are introduced every day, radically changing and improving the way organisations operate. These developments create tremendous new opportunities but are also vulnerable to abuse by cybercriminals. We must keep continuously up-to-date with trends and provide the foundation for the people of tomorrow.

Our solution

Our Hackazon platform enables both students and professionals to refresh and improve their (technical) cyber skills through hands-on exercises and courses in its online lab environment.

The exercises are perfect for developers, IT engineers, incident responders, security analysts and penetration testers but can also aid in raising general security awareness for your organisation. The hands-on exercises are also known as a Capture the Flag challenges (CTF in short). We cater to any type of skill level.

Solution characteristics

  1. Active learning: Hackazon stimulates active learning. Through passive learning you gain new knowledge, but you are not discovering how to apply it. Active practice is one of the greatest forms of learning and stimulates your creativity to find solutions. Mistakes you make while practicing reveal important insights.
  2. Diverse course modules: Hackazon contains course modules to guide you through topics such as Secure Development, Pentesting, Linux, Red Teaming, Blue Teaming and Cloud Security. Exercises are fully tailorable to requirements and priorities for employee development plans.
  3. Ready made, hands-on excercises: The platform has 300+ ready-made hands-on exercises on live systems ranging from basic to advanced difficulty. The categories include Linux and Windows, secure development, web applications (OWASP), infrastructure/devops, networking, forensics, reverse engineering, cloud, security awareness, identity and access management and hardware hacking. Hackazon features learning content around the newest technologies but also the ones that have been around for ages.
  4. Full support: The platform is cloud-based, accessible 24/7, and is managed and supported by Deloitte. Everyone works in their own isolated environment: if you break something, just reset the environment with a push of the button.
  5. Statistics & reports: Participation statistics and reports are available to gauge learning progress and interest to determine the participant’s skillset.

Why Deloitte

In our multidisciplinary teams we combine deep technological knowledge about the latest cyber threats and how to manage them, with high-end strategical skills. This means that we can offer a tailored learning approach to keep the knowledge and skills of your organisation up to date. Our Hackazon platform and expert instructors are an excellent combination to provide your organisation with hands-on exercises and courses via the Hackazon platform.

Classroom Trainings powered by Hackazon

Deloitte offers various security related trainings which are powered by Hackazon. The following classroom and virtual trainings make use of the Hackazon platform:

• Red Teaming Operations
• Malware analysis
• Hands-on hacking
• Purple teaming training
• Secure development
• Security awareness
• GICSP exam training
• Hardware Hacking

Please contact Linda Otte for more information.

Integrate Hackazon with your organisation

Link with Learning Management Systems

The Hackazon platform supports integrations that make it easy to exchange information with Learning Management Systems (LMS’s). LMS’s can link to Hackazon challenges and follow participants’ progress.

Single sign-on with your organisation

Hackazon supports federation that will allow your employees to seamlessly access Hackazon content using their already existing organisation identity. This makes our content more directly accessible without extra roadblocks (extra

This also means that Hackazon does not need to store additional user information (such as passwords) as the identity of the user is verified by your own organisation.


Dana Spataru

Dana Spataru


Dana is a cyber security partner globally responsible for Deloitte’s Emerging Technologies cybersecurity group. She has worked in the last 14 years on helping organizations to improve security in both... More

Rikkert ten Klooster

Rikkert ten Klooster


Rikkert is a security specialist at Deloitte Cyber Risk Services with over 6 years of experience as a security specialist and Red Teamer. Rikkert is the product lead for Hackazon Deloitte’s platform f... More