Prepare your organization for cybersecurity threats with hands-on exercises and courses.

Our world is becoming increasingly digitally connected, leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber criminals. Hackazon allows students and professionals to continuously refresh and improve their technical cyber skills to combat these risks.


What is Hackazon?

Hackazon is a comprehensive cybersecurity training platform offering over 300 real-world, hands-on exercises based on the latest developments and trends. Learn offensive hacking, secure development, cloud technologies, forensics and more at your own pace.

Why choose Hackazon?

  • Tailored Learning: Choose from self-paced courses, tailored classrooms, or thrilling competitions to match your learning style.
  • Wide Range of Topics: Dive into a variety of cybersecurity topics, from basic hacking skills to advanced concepts like hardware hacking and cryptography.
  • Practical, Real-World Scenarios: Learn with hands-on exercises on live systems, preparing you for the challenges you'll face in your career.
  • Hands-on Hacking: Master security fundamentals and basic hacking skills.
  • Secure Development: Embrace modern secure design and coding techniques.
  • OWASP Top 10: Uncover the most critical web application vulnerabilities.
  • Cryptography for Developers: Understand common cryptographic mistakes and how to avoid them.

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