Managed Cyber Risk Services


Managed Cyber Risk Services

Managed Risk

The exponential growth of new technology is changing the world of business radically. Online safety is no longer self-evident. Our world class security specialists deliver managed cyber security solutions, leveraging the latest trends in digital innovation.

Your challenge

Cyber powers performance and innovation. Organisations increasingly depend on complex technological ecosystems for several key purposes: to interact in new ways with customers and third parties, to use data to improve decision making, and to increase reach and profitability.

As cyberattacks become more frequent and severe, board members and executives are coming to realise that technology-based initiatives open doors to cyber risks. Their challenge is to lead an organisation that is secure, vigilant and resilient and deal with a growing shortage of skilled professionals at the same time.

Most organisations do not have deep in-house knowledge of all the latest technologies and threats and how these can impact their organization. We do. With our Managed Cyber Solutions, we can help you reach the secure, vigilant and resilient status you need.

Our solution

When subscribed to one or more of our Managed Cyber Solutions, we continuously monitor internal and external changes that affect your security landscape. Using the information that we obtain through 24/7 monitoring, continuous adjustments and improvements can be made in your cyber risk management, based on the latest landscape assessments.

  • Managed Security Monitoring
    This managed service monitors your Data and IT Landscape 24/7. Collaboratively, we establish what your critical digital assets are, and then we assess to which risks they are exposed and respond to threats immediately.
  • Managed Crypto
    With our cyber solution Managed Crypto we help you manage different types of encryption. Our professionals know which type of encryption suits your specific demands best, and how to continue to improve the protection of your data.
  • Phishing as a Service
    With Phishing as a Service, we train your employees to detect phishing scams and raise security awareness. We use different scenarios to test how your employees respond to phishing e-mails.
  • Hacking as a Service
    With Hacking as a Service, we periodically perform security tests on our clients’ applications and other infrastructural components that are connected to the internet. Depending on the desired security level, clients can select a bronze, silver or gold module.
  • Managed Intrusion Detection (MID)
    With our managed intrusion detection service, we deliver a (or multiple) managed intrusion detection sensor to our clients. This sensor will be placed in a strategical location in your network to gain as much visibility of the network traffic as possible. The sensor will monitor all network traffic and alert on for instance malicious network traffic, malicious behavior or other indications of attacks.
  • Threat Intelligence Analytics (TIA)
    Looks uit for potentially threatening events taking place outside the organisation’s perimeter and provides custom insights in line with the organisation’s strategic and intelligence requirements.
  • Application Security Testing (AST)
    We leverage static application security testing technology which enables the client to be one step ahead, with forty percent portfolio coverage versus five percent portfolio coverage using the traditional approach.
  • Social Listening & Analytics (SLA)
    Empowers organisations to do more than merely react to social media. We enable them to protect themselves, leverage opportunities and learn the risks form these sources.
  • Cyber Academy
    We deliver online and on-site technical training and awareness programs to clients and internal practitioners via a dedicated EMEA Cyber Academy Online Platform. This platform is accessible 24/7.
  • Cyber Gamification Platform (Hackazon)
    This cloud-based learning platform is accessible 24/7 and continuously updated. In this online lab we use gamifaction to improve the technical cyber security skills of your employees. The curriculum can be tailored to your organisation.
  • Customer Breach Support (CBS)
    We help clients with notifying, supporting and protecting their customers through a data breach. We have collaborated with AllClear ID, the top US breach response provider to leverage their experience and knowledge of successfully responding to over 5000 data breaches. This collaboration creates a unique capability to provide our clients and their customers with the response and support required.
  • Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)
    We help clients build and run a compliant, robust and repeatable DSARs process. The DSAR process can be an expensive activity for an organisation, requiring many hours per request. With our managed services we provide a compliant, efficient and cost-effective process that can be repeated at volume.
  • Cyber Awareness Training
    We help organisations by training their employees to protect the company against cybercrime. Cyber and GDPR Awareness Training has been developed in cooperation with specialists in the field of IT security, communications and marketing. This produces the best result.

Why Deloitte?

In our multidisciplinary teams we combine deep technological knowledge about the latest cyber threats and how to manage them, with high-end strategical skills. This means that we can offer end-to-end services: we can advise, implement and manage all of your cyber related challenges. With our global experience in many different industries we can build a cyber risk program that is perfectly in line with your specific strategic objectives.

Risk Powers Performance

Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. At Deloitte, we help businesses gain a new view of risk—seeing risk management as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.


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