Managed Cyber Risk Services

Exponential growth of new technology changes the world of business radically. Online safety is no longer self-evident. Recent DDoS-attacks and hacking scandals show how important it is to pay sufficient attention to cyber risks, governance and compliance. Our world class security specialists deliver managed cyber security solutions, leveraging the latest trends in digital innovation.


With the current rapid rate of technological innovation, and at a time when data has become the critical asset of an organization, only securing your organization’s applications and infrastructure is not enough anymore. We need to focus on protecting the data itself. Also, organizations do not operate standalone but are connected in many ways. This requires organizations to also think about security laterally, beyond their boundaries towards clients, suppliers, partners and service providers.

Being secure means that you apply security by design: traditionally, security features are only considered in the final stage of development, but we believe they should be considered right from the beginning and at every step of the development process. 


Vigilance requires integration of threat data, IT data and business data regardless of infrastructure and location; it also requires security teams who can prioritize incident handling and streamline incident investigation based on alerts that contain specific information of the incident.This is important because the risk of cyber incidents is not restricted to technology systems only, but it also extends to business and organizational processes and transactions. Deloitte offers several services to increase your vigilance.


The premise of cyber risk management is that not everything can be secured all the time. That is because you are trying to protect your organization against an intelligent actor that evolves, and anticipating all unknown future threats is simply impossible. Being resilient means that you are ready for possible incidents, and that you can respond to them timely and adequately to minimize the impact of incidents.

Our point of view

Our world is becoming more and more digitally connected. New technologies are introduced every day, radically changing and improving the way organizations operate. These developments create tremendous new opportunities but are also vulnerable to abuse by cybercriminals. As a result, your organization faces important technological challenges, which are complicated further by a shortage of skilled professionals who are up to date on the latest technologies and cyber threats.

To continue to execute business strategy with confidence, we believe that organizations should shift their thinking from cyber security to cyber risk management, embracing new technological solutions without fear. Effective cyber risk management requires organizations to be secure, vigilant and resilient.

Read more on how to stay secure, vigilant and resilient in our Managed Cyber Security point of view.

Managed Cyber Services


Kees Plas

Kees Plas


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