Managed Financial Risk Services


Managed Financial Risk Services

Managed Risk

A fast-changing global environment requires organisations to have both financial stability and liquidity. We help organisations improve their finance function by offering as a service the application of our risk knowledge, packaged analytics and platforms for data-, process- and controls monitoring.

Your challenge

Financial risks include governance risks, process risks, technology risks and reporting risks. Managing those accurately can enhance transparency, efficiency, compliance, and financial integrity. Achieving the desired outcomes of such management depends on rigorous governance, models, and processes across the finance function, but maintaining this rigor asks a lot from your organisation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could outsource this management to a trusted third party?

Our solution

Deloitte can be that trusted third party. From model governance to financial and regulatory reporting data management, and from treasury systems and transformation to credit risk management: we offer all of our financial risk services as a managed service. This means that we manage a small piece or all of your financial risk concerns, so you can save your resources focus on your core business objectives.

Of course, our approach is not one-size-fits-all but completely based on the unique structure and financial challenges of your organization. There is a flat rate per month for our managed financial risk services. They will lower your operational costs, not only because you benefit from our economies of scale, but also because our managed services will free up internal resources, help you gain flexibility and reduce complexity.

Our managed regulatory services provide you with continuous access to our global regulatory knowledge, our experienced professionals and the latest technologies.2

Why Deloitte?

You can conscientiously transfer your financial risk management to Deloitte. Our multidisciplinary teams work closely together with our experts worldwide, who have in-depth (local) knowledge about upcoming financial regulatory changes. Our professionals have vast experience in different types of organisations and know how new financial risks apply to your organization. With our global experience in many different industries we can build and manage a financial risk program that is perfectly aligned with your specific strategic objectives.

Risk Powers Performance

Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. At Deloitte, we help businesses gain a new view of risk—seeing risk management as a vital performance lever, revealing untapped opportunities to create competitive advantage.


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