Operational Risk and Transformation


Operational Risk and Transformation

Operational Risk

Organisations change constantly; they need to adapt to the quickly changing business and regulatory landscape and sometimes even need to transform their business model completely. All of these changes affect operating models, processes, technologies, data models and also your employees. Deloitte offers end-to-end solutions for each part of these management control systems and their transformations to become more effective and rationalized.

Your challenge

In our VUCA—volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous—world, your organisation needs to adapt itself constantly. Mergers, acquisitions, business expansion, globalisation, new products and changing regulations immediately affect your operating models, processes, technologies, and data models.

Your challenge is to stay in control, to demonstrate that you are compliant and to show that systems are performing as intended, while staying agile enough to react adequately to events in the external environment. Not only because stakeholders ask you to, but also because being in control makes it easier to adapt quickly. And that helps you to profit from business opportunities that new developments bring, instead of letting them affect your organisation negatively. Our complex world asks us to embrace risks, and to be vulnerable. We need more trust and less controls.

In order to achieve the right balance between trust and controls you need to empower your people and build on trust.This will make you more resilient and able to grow with confidence.

Our solution

We can help you transform the ways in which you leverage people, technology, data, processes and controls to address their operational risks and drive performance within their business operations. We advise on the design and implementation of data aggregation, analytics, reporting, and governance strategies that address risk and regulatory requirements. We inform how toto evaluate business decisions with higher quality, with more timely information regarding key performance indicators and other reporting information; and we help clients improve budgeting, forecasting and controls, and increase their operational efficiency.

These are our Operational Risk & Transformation services currently offered:

  • Business Process and Controls Transformation (2nd line)
  • Controls Rationalisation and Automation
  • Operations Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting 
  • Operational Integrity

Why Deloitte?

We work in multidisciplinary teams that not only have in-depth knowledge about IT controls and business processes, but also have global experience in change management and know about the psychology behind it. This means that Deloitte is your one-stop service provider for all of your Operational Risk & Transformation related challenges.


Wim Eysink

Wim Eysink


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