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Project Management & Control

Experience seamless project execution with Project Management & Control services by Deloitte's Infrastructure & Capital Projects team. Our expertise spans all project phases, ensuring optimal outcomes from initiative to demolition. Through dedicated guidance, capacity building, and tailored training programs. We specialise in risk management, stakeholder management and data management, utillising GenAI tooling.

Risk Management

We provide a systematic approach to risk management: identifying, assessing, controlling, and monitoring potential threats and opportunities that can impact the goals and activities of your project. More specifically, our services include:

  • Fulfilling the role of risk manager;
  • Updating risk files through various sessions and challenge conversations;
  • Preparing risk files for, and performing Monte Carlo Analyses;
  • Conducting planning analyses in relation to the risk file;
  • Facilitating (risk) sessions, including processing into a complete risk fil; and
  • Guiding the strategic risk management process in order to determine the risk profile of a project.

Stakeholder Management

Our stakeholder management approach ensures that your stakeholders know what to expect; now and in the future. Based on our analysis we design specific stakeholder methods per stakeholder. We know how and when to include or contact your stakeholders before and during the project.

For our stakeholder analysis service, we provide a systematic approach to stakeholder involvement. We start by identifying and analyzing internal and external stakeholders, based on issues. With this approach we map all the relevant stakeholders to your project. A perfect starting point for communication with the stakeholders.

We also offer a stakeholder requirements service. Create mutual gains with our stakeholder management approach. We build relations with your stakeholders based on mutual trust. We identify and analyze stakeholder requirements from all relevant stakeholders to look for win-win scenarios. This results in an increased quality of your project and a satisfied stakeholder.

Data Management and GenAI tooling

Our commitment to quality management ensures meticulous oversight and adherence to the highest standards, safeguarding the excellence of the project processes and deliverables. We bring you insight through oversight. By collecting the right data, we create clear dashboards, making it easy to retrieve project information. Our GenAI tooling helps to understand and structure large data sets. This enables combining information, prevents errors in conversions and ensures that you have time to apply our data and advice. Other data management services include:

  • Fulfilling the roles from project control manager to project coordinator;
  • Setting up and filling in the control aspects of time, money, risks, interfaces, document management, deviations, and changes;
  • Creating awareness in the importance of control aspects and guiding the project team in the implementation thereof;
  • Scope management: integrating change and ensuring precise definition, efficient control and strategic alignment. Our approach facilitates seamless adaptation to project variations, resulting in successful outcomes;
  • We support our clients through clear project reporting, offering helpful insights. Thereby empowering informed decisions for your project’s success.
  • Preparing progress reports for various disciplines. Or an integrated report; and
  • Drafting products to fulfill the contract, such as a risk file, schedule of terms, and schedules.

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Florens Kneepkens

Florens Kneepkens


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