Effectively navigate complex international regulations and anticipate future risks

Determining compliancy is becoming increasingly difficult. Your organization requires certainty and a regulatory technology that keeps you up-to-date on new developments and insights into regulatory requirements. RegMiner is the perfect solution to this challenge.


Why RegMiner?

Increase regulatory checklist & assessment quality
RegMiner’s regulatory library functions as one single-source-of-truth of all regulatory requirements.

Save time and resources
RegMiner’s analytical features allow you to assemble and assess all regulatory requirements faster and easier.

Automated update feed
Whenever new regulations, guidelines or Q&As are published, an automated update will help you keep up-to-date.

What is RegMiner?

Reach end-to-end compliance with RegHub

RegMiner is the solution to the challenge of understanding the potential impact of regulatory changes and requirements.

For many businesses, the understanding and first assessment of these requirements is only a good start, as the actual implementation of these can take up significant time, energy, and focus of compliance and risk communities. Therefore, RegMiner is integrated with our RegHub asset to facilitate this end-to-end compliance process. RegHub is a regulatory compliance management software tool that addresses this challenge completely. From real-time tracking of global regulatory change to the intuitive linkage of impacted controls, policies, products and processes, as well as efficient management of compliance and business change.

RegHub provides a complete platform to create seamless management of regulatory impact and transparency across all areas of your business. Built by compliance professionals and on an understanding of the risk and compliance ecosystems that exist across the industry, RegHub is the next-generation RegTech solution for helping you effectively manage regulatory compliance.

Click here for more information about RegHub.

RegMiner in action

In control of risk & compliance

Machine learning can detect the most improbable links and alert us to the tiniest anomalies. With the right technology, you can control large amounts of data, not overlooking anything, and provide your organization with valuable insights. The core of RegMiner in a nutshell, including the proven benefits can be found in our Factsheet document.

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RegMiner further information

Track and capture all relevant sources for newly published regulations. RegMiner monitors hundreds of sources to enrich your library constantly. You only see regulations that are relevant to you.

Gain insight into laws and regulations by using the latest text mining technology. Quick and smart insight into the connections between laws and regulations, with the use of references, suggestions and topic searching within RegMiner’s library.

Enable users to add interpretation and analysis to their regulatory database. Enabling social collaboration by allowing teams to interact and share information, enhancing regulatory oversight.


The regulatory library brings together all regulatory publications specific to your organization. This goes across jurisdictions and sources. RegMiner enables you to simply search through all these publications in one go. This enables you to quickly find relevant publications and articles, and filtering the results to your needs.

Understand the network of regulations with clustering
Find regulations for relevant topics such as:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Countering the Financing of Terrorism or Credit risk

Or by regulatory initiatives;

  • GDPR
  • MiFID II

Get personalized regulatory updates with My feed
Keep up-to-date with new publications and the activity of your colleagues. The feed is based on the regulatory topics and projects which you subscribe to.

Keep track of compliance with checklists
RegMiner allows you to create regulatory checklists by selecting specific articles across publications. This enables you to log all regulatory requirements for a specific product, service or regulatory report and assess its compliance status.

Work together to tackle compliance
See what how colleagues interpret and use regulations, and centralize the regulatory knowledge of your organization.

With interactive regulatory documents you can..

  • My Notes to add personal notes to articles
  • Discussions to share or discuss with your colleagues
  • Suggestions & References for how articles are related to other publications

SaaS, so no hassle
RegMiner is available as software as a service (SaaS). So, you don't need to install any software, but access it in the cloud on the basis of a subscription per user. This means that the software is practically ready to use.

Quickly tailored
The moment you choose RegMiner, we will start immediately with carefully tailoring the library of regulations to your organization. We will arrange ongoing updates, security and governance with your IT department, and confirm everything is in order with some tests. Within ultimately 12 weeks, the compliance management system will be accessible to your users.

Rising supervisory expectations
Financial companies are faced with rising supervisory expectations, reflecting the growth of principles-based supervisory approaches.

Growing cost of compliance
The cost of compliance for financial companies is expected to rise to 10% of total revenue by 2022.

Growing regulatory divergence
We are moving away from global policymaking and towards regulatory divergence, including geographical and activity-based ring-fencing.

Increased regulatory fines
Since 2008 regulatory fines increased by 45 times and total around 300 billion USD, only within the European Union

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