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Regulatory technology to keep track of the ever expanding universe of laws & regulations.

The legal & regulatory space is overwhelmed with new and changing regulations.

Financial companies are faced with rising supervisory expectations, reflecting the growth of principles‑based supervisory approaches.


Cost of compliance for financial companies is expected to rise to 10% of total revenue by 2022.


We are moving away from global policy making and towards regulatory divergence, including geographical and activity‑based ring‑fencing.

“Taking on regulations at a global scale has become impossible for humans alone. We need to find ways for people to spend their time in a better way.”
Dirard Mikdad

Dirard Mikdad Director Financial Risk

Are you ready to become a leading financial institution?

Leading financial institutions are business-driven. They have a competitive advantage of being able to anticipate on and adapt to upcoming legal and regulatory changes from a business perspective, all the while remaining compliant and in control.


Work together to keep track of all your laws & regulations.

All relevant policies, laws & regulations. Always available.

An always up-to-date library that brings together laws & regulations from multiple sources. The library is tailored your organisation, only showing you relevant content.

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Explore how laws & regulations are connected

Explore the relations between laws, regulations and even internal policies and automatically see content that is related to your topic of interest.

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Work together to take on complex regulations

With RegMiner it’s easy to collaborate across your organisation. Leave notes on relevant articles, discuss regulations and work together to create checklists. This way you can build on the knowledge of your organisation.

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The easiest way to find what you are looking for

One place to search through your entire library to quickly find the answers to your question. This enables you to easily explore regulatory topics and assess their level of impact.

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We are happy to start the conversation on your legal and regulatory challenges and guide you to becoming a leading financial institution.

Jeroen Jansen

Jeroen Jansen
Partner Risk Advisory

Dirard Mikdad

Dirard Mikdad
Director Risk Advisory

Marc Verdonk

Marc Verdonk
Partner Risk Advisory