Monitor Deloitte: The 2022 Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Survey


Monitor Deloitte: The 2022 Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Survey

How can we strategize for what comes next under so much uncertainty and volatility?

The past 24 months have taught us to expect the unexpected and have highlighted the importance of adapting with agility. Our annual survey uncovers how CSOs have been helping their organizations address near-term challenges while positioning their businesses for long-term success.

Growing during the pandemic: Navigating near-term challenges while seeding long-term opportunity

CSOs are generally bullish about their company’s ability to drive revenue and profitability growth in 2022. However, while much of the growth generated in 2021 was driven by investments in Core products and services (66% of total current investment), CSOs expect to shift focus towards growing beyond the Core, particularly targeting new offerings, channels, and categories (50% of total future investment).

The 2022 CSO Survey

Digital transformation: The convergence of technology and enterprise strategy

Eighty-four percent of CSOs agree that advanced technologies play a fundamental role as a strategic enabler to their businesses, unlocking new possibilities and driving an improvement in business performance. Yet, the majority of CSOs still see their companies as lacking maturity in effectively leveraging such technologies to their full potential.

Strategy with Purpose: Doing well while doing good

Corporate Purpose has gained much attention in the past few years and is gradually becoming an integral part of the CSO mandate. But there is work to be done. CSOs can become Purpose champions within their organizations and embed Purpose in the Core of enterprise and business strategies. Even further, Purpose presents CSOs an opportunity to drive and shape growth, strengthening long-term value and resilience.

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