Operations Analytics

Effectively improve your operations by utilizing fact-based insights

Organizations continuously look for the best ways to improve performance, while maintaining quality. Operations Analytics gathers cross-functional facts to create insights you can use to streamline operations.

Operations Analytics

Why Operations Analytics?

Shorter lead times
Leverage insights to reduce lead times and improve customer satisfaction.

Increased efficiency
Accurately identify bottlenecks and other operational issues for removal.

Controlled operations
Gain a better overview to balance capacity and take control of your backlog.

Key figures


Increase in Net Promoter Score


Boost in employee engagement


Reduction in costs

Our proven approach

There are five themes that Operations Analytics covers to ensure that operational changes are embedded in the business:

1. Stock & Lead times - Clients are served on time, the organization is in control, and the operation is in accordance with SLA’s.
2. Quality - Better service, lower costs, and lower lead times.
3. Effectiveness and productivity - Time is used more effectively and productivity is increased.
4. Capacity - Strengthened coordination between available and required capacity.
5. Continuous improvement - Continuously improved processes and service.

Increasing team effectiveness

Large bank successfully strengthens effectiveness as financial crime gatekeeper - Deloitte’s Operations Analytics unlocks insight into the operational efficiency and effectiveness of a bank’s Financial Crime Unit (FCU).

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Boosting workforce efficiency

Large financial services provider boosts workforce efficiency - Employee productivity was vastly improved by Deloitte’s Operations Analytics, allowing for more effective steering and greater control.

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Make better and more impactful decisions


The benefits of Operations Analytics go beyond only benefiting the company. Improving operations benefits everyone involved: customer, employee and organization.

• Customers benefit from higher quality, shorter lead times, and more consistency in services delivered. Operations based on fact-based insights are more efficient and by improving operational performance, customer satisfaction will also improve.

• Employees benefit from the removal of repetitive tasks, avoid peak moments through better coordination, create development opportunities and gain insight into how they actually contribute to the strategic goal of the organization.

• Organizations benefit from cost savings, increased profit margins, productivity and the ability to have more transparency, control and predictability on when to make the right decision, in the right place.

Deloitte’s expertise is what sets the Operations Analytics tooling and insights apart, giving information on how to embed, steer, and implement the solution to get the most value.

Better processes

  • Adopt a fact-based performance management approach

Operations Analytics paves the path for a fact-based approach to managing operations. By doing so, performance indicators such as KPIs are transparent to all stakeholders. Improvements will not rely on gut-feeling anymore, but rather on fact-based insights.

Effective collaboration

  • Streamline operations and ensure a uniform way of working

Our customized tooling and clear dashboard stimulate a uniform and data-driven way of working across teams and embedment of a continuous improvement culture. This ensures a consistent customer experience, as service quality can be measured based on one overarching standard.

Unlocked insights

  • Take the necessary actions to stimulate continuous improvement cycles

Stay on top of your operations by receiving day-to-day insight into and discussion on team performance. These useful insights can help identify root causes of inefficiencies and waste. Additionally, this enables teams to take subsequent action to improve the situation.

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