Digital Strategy


Digital Strategy

We help executives understand, envision, and articulate digital as a business strategy and implement it across the enterprise, using a road map that delivers on the brand promise across channels, with clear ownership and accountability.

Digital connects people and things in ways that allow bits to direct or substitute for atoms in an ever-expanding range of activities, challenging companies to rethink how they create value for customers, the business models that define their competitive position, the operating models required to succeed, and the ecosystems within which they function.
The fundamentals of cost advantage or superior differentiation still hold true. But the ways in which digital technologies have reshaped the landscape have changed the set of choices available, the priorities among the alternatives, and the context in which choices are made.
Monitor Deloitte’s Digital Strategy practice enables organizations to weigh, make and execute customer, business model, operating model and ecosystem choices . We also help organizations design, test and build new propositions borrowing lean and agile techniques from the start-up world, and offer customized Digital Learning Programs for C-suite executives and broader employee populations.

Your Challenge

In today’s highly connected and technologically advanced world, digital strategy is business strategy. Digital opens up new opportunities for your business and challenges your business with new competitors never considered part of your industry. Fundamental questions regarding your added value to customers, your aspired role in the value network and the order winners on the basis of which you can successfully compete are more important than ever. Answering these questions often requires new (digital) capabilities. Whether to develop these new digital capabilities and integrate them across the organisation, partner with start-ups and insource new capabilities or start up your own challenger initiative to experiment and develop the capabilities in a new setting is a strategic question by itself. Digital technology is not an evolution, it is a revolution offering exciting new opportunities which require a fundamental re-think of the business paired with a button down and fact based attitude continuously redefining the digital frontier in your industry.

Why Deloitte

Monitor Deloitte's Digital Strategy practice helps you optimise your investments, avoid pitfalls and manage risks by helping executives understand, envision and articulate digital as a business strategy and jointly implement it across the enterprise. We save you time by leveraging our industry and technology expertise and using our proven successful methodologies combining traditional business planning with iterative design thinking. We have been there, seen it and done it. We speak from experience. We bring you the right capabilities and expertise but are not shy of tapping into our ecosystem of global and external digital native entrepreneurs and professionals when needed. We believe that implementation is not a one-off defined high investment and risky corporate program, but a series of low investment initiatives that only scale when proven successful, subject to rapid prototyping and fast iteration following a lean start-up approach.

Deloitte was recently named a global Kennedy Vanguard Leader in Digital Strategy Consulting, based on capabilities.

Our Solution

Bottom-line benefits

  • Increase your return on digital investments by aligning the digital strategy with your corporate ambitions and strategic intent.
  • Strengthening your Return-on-Relationships and reducing the Cost-to-Serve by connecting and analyzing customer data for new insights increasing sales, customer loyalty and improving the customer experience.
  • Improving your NPS by infusing products and services with digitally enabled features to transform and improve the customer experience and increase product or service value 
  • Strengthening your acquisition capabilities by enabling a digital sales force that can lead to high-impact selling experiences and offer new channels for low-touch transactions
  • Improving margins and/or growth by sharpening your position in the value system via a pipeline or platform strategy
  • Improve your Return-on-Marketing investments by engaging customers omnichannel at the right price points with a consistent brand 
  • Breaking down silos and empowering the organization to deliver an omnichannel brand experience
  • Support the set-up of your own challenger initiative allowing you to learn, experiment and when successful scale-up a new digital initiative challenging your competitors and possibly your own business model
  • Improving the return on your venture portfolio and equity investments via a rigorous analyses of the ventures and monitoring the portfolio based on action drivers relevant to the phases the ventures are in
  • Optimise your marketing spend by designing a fact-based market entry strategy for your (new) digital business

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