Deloitte’s Decarbonisation Solution

A science-based approach to demystifying your net-zero target

A focused decarbonisation strategy is the key to becoming a successful, climate-smart business. In particular, that strategy should mitigate the physical and transitional risks associated with climate change, while prioritising innovation and sustainable investment. Every day, the severe impacts of climate change are becoming clearer, with increasing calls for decisive action. Although climate change poses fundamental challenges for businesses, policymakers and investors globally, decarbonisation can offer many opportunities for companies ready to recognise and act on them.

Author: Kathryn Binnema, Senior Consultant decarbonisation team,

The Deloitte Decarbonisation Solution

The need to address climate change is urgent. The business case for action is clear. Where things get complicated is how you start your decarbonisation journey. The Deloitte Decarbonisation Solution is a suite of interactive modules tailored to your sector and business, which helps you take each key step on that journey: 

  • Aggregate your footprint: generate your emissions baseline, and forecast your future emissions;
  • Identify your targets: identify the gap between your current and target emissions, to set abatement targets in line with leading standards and your internal strategy;
  • Evaluate your abatement projects: quantify the emission reductions and financial impacts of your abatement projects, and prioritise your opportunities;
  • Optimise your portfolio: identify your optimal portfolio of abatement projects, with which to achieve your decarbonisation goals most efficiently;
  • Assess your physical risks: identify the exposure of your company assets and supply chain to short- and long-term physical climate hazards; and
  • Report on your plans: develop and execute internal and external communication plans to keep key stakeholders updated about your progress.

The Solution informs your strategic decision making by identifying the greatest climate-related risks and opportunities for your business, including those in your operations and supply chain. It makes sense of your data through visualisations, which draw on the latest information and methodologies from leading scientific bodies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Most importantly, it helps you understand where to focus your efforts, based not only on your emissions, but also on the financial implications of each abatement option. That knowledge equips you to develop an implementation roadmap for achieving your decarbonisation goals, and realising the opportunities, in the most effective and efficient way.

Roadmap to decarbonisation
Roadmap to decarbonisation

Your professionals – from energy managers to onsite operators – know your business best. At Deloitte, our dedicated team knows about climate and decarbonisation, industry and finance, with specialists in grants and incentives, process optimisation and strategy. Together, we can help you understand the trade-offs between short-term goals and long-term business needs, to guide you on your decarbonisation journey.

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