Series: How to set up your ESG data, technology and people for success

From data and technology to the sustainable organisation

Sustainability is upon us. It’s increasingly being demanded by customers, stakeholders, talent and regulators. Businesses and society need to transform. To achieve this, having enabling technology and good quality data is a necessity. But how do you design, select and implement the right technologies?

Our series of five articles considers the role technology needs to play in sustainability, and how it can support the whole organisation to become sustainable.

Article 1: Sustainability technology is a necessity, but how to make the right choices?

The rapidly changing landscape of sustainability and technology leaves 70% of businesses unprepared for reporting obligations. Balancing long-term goals and immediate compliance is vital for quality data, urging early action as in financial transformations to align ambitious sustainability objectives with practical execution, despite needing unconventional data.

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Article 2: How to start defining your sustainability IT and data requirements

Organizations should harmonize compliance and business goals for sustainability, using differentiation to engage stakeholders. A capability map guides improvements, recognizing data value and collective effort, while addressing challenges like legal and diversity considerations.

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Article 3: How to set and execute your sustainability IT and data strategy

Sustainability transformation requires technology changes aligned with the broader vision, supported by effective IT strategy integrated into the business. Guided by business architecture and a transformation framework, changes address functions and data needs, emphasizing both enterprise-wide integration and incremental progress for success.

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Article 4: How to select the right sustainability technology solution

The rapidly growing sustainability technology market lacks a universal solution, likely resulting in a combination of multiple systems. To navigate this, a structured approach involving requirements identification, solution design, technology selection, implementation, and operation is recommended. While technology choices may evolve, leveraging consistent data for reporting can provide stability amid changing technological landscapes.

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Article 5: How to set up your sustainability IT and data organisation for success

Starting as a sustainability-oriented organization can simplify transformation, with technology playing a crucial role due to its wide influence. Holistic sustainability demands modular buy-in at all levels, guided by five steps: committing to change, strategizing, aligning, enhancing capability, and ongoing monitoring. Supported by a Sustainability Transformation Framework to define roles, addresses skills, and aligns with values for successful sustainability.

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This series was produced by The NSE Sustainability Tech Hub with contributions from the following: Jacques Buith, Tom Harris, Sem de Spa, Meg Alderman, Sadia Ahmed, Chetan Lad, Goncalo Morais, Andrea Au.


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