Strategic Impact Assessment


Strategic Impact Assessment

Three-part blog series

Strategic Impact Assessment (SIA) is a proven methodology to select, prioritise and manage your ESG impacts. Developed from over a decade’s practical experience and insight, SIA offers a high-level view of your organisation’s effect on the environment, economy and wider society – and then prioritises actions to improve your position by maximising returns for your most important stakeholders. Read our three-part blog series on our tool and how we can help your business.

A brave new world for ESG

Business impacts are increasingly under scrutiny from stakeholders and regulators, but the strategic advantages will come from thinking beyond statutory requirements, and taking a broader, more holistic approach. How to do that effectively is something we’ve been focusing on for more than a decade. Read our first blog on Strategic Impact Assessment and find out more.

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Measuring and comparing impacts

A holistic perspective on sustainability is great to follow in principle, but tricky to measure and weigh up in practice. Here’s how we’ve developed a way to clarify and compare impacts.

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One framework to assess them all

Having difficulty getting the CEO and CFO engaged in sustainability conversations? We outline our Strategic Impact Assessment framework, and why it’s gaining interest across the whole C-suite.

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