Accelerate decarbonization and achieve meaningful energy targets by 2030


Accelerate decarbonization and achieve meaningful energy targets by 2030

The 2030 decarbonization challenge

Companies and governments alike are evaluating how they can reduce their impact on the environment. Critically important to many of these initiatives is the reduction of carbon output—and decarbonization is very important in the energy transition. This report explores how companies in the Energy & Resources industry can accelerate decarbonization over the next decade and achieve meaningful energy targets by 2030.

The Future of Energy

The global energy mix is shifting from fossil fuels to renewables. There are abundant examples of both public and private organizations working hard to decarbonize the economy. As this energy transformation or “Green Deal” gains momentum, new ecosystems are forming and new technologies are emerging. These developments are helping to grow renewables, develop new energy carriers, improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and create new markets for carbon and other by-products as part of an increasingly circular economy. At the same time many of these commonly pursued steps to decarbonization, such as increased electrification, wide-scale use of renewable energy and intensifying energy efficiency measures pose unique challenges.

Many participants in the Energy and Resources (E&R) industry have publicly declared their intention to become carbon neutral by 2050. While their long-term vision is clear, the more perplexing challenge for E&R companies lies in the immediate future. Many companies are struggling to understand the material impacts that their stated goals are going to have on their valuations, operations, employees and markets over the next few years.

This report explores how companies in certain sectors of the E&R industry—chemicals, oil and gas, mining and metals, and power, utilities and renewables—can accelerate decarbonization over the next decade and achieve meaningful interim targets by 2030.

Sector overview

Each sector analysis examines the current state of decarbonization in the sector; distinct or outsized macro drivers; which emissions are within a company’s control; and potential decarbonization pathways and practical considerations that may influence a company’s decarbonization strategies and tactics.


Oil & Gas

Power, Utilities & Renewables

Mining & Metals

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Energy scenarios in focus

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