Sustainable Value Chain Transformation


Sustainable Value Chain Transformation

Why sustainability matters

We’ve moved beyond the days of sustainability being undertaken as a token effort, of it being treated as a passing trend. Sustainability is now regarded as a must have. It is integral throughout all social, economic, and environmental societal layers. Even so, many organisations still lag behind, in implementation. Sustainability can’t be a core value, without it also being visible, in action.

The disconnect between ambition and impact

CxOs' apprehensions about the planet's climate have increased over the last several months, as has their optimism that immediate action can make a difference. But there are multiple disconnects between these business leaders' opinions and motivations, the actions their organisations are taking, and the impacts they're creating.

During September and October 2021, Deloitte polled over 2,000 C-suite executives across 21 countries to examine business leaders' and companies' actions to date, and ongoing concerns regarding climate change and environmental sustainability.

The report identifies a major disconnect between ambition and impact, then outlines actions CxOs can take to move the needle and bring about actual change.

Download the report here

Sustainable Value Chain Workshop

Deloitte can help your company take the big steps necessary to look beyond the limits of your own bubbles.

An example is our Sustainable Value Chain Workshop, which is not only intended for CSOs, but also COOs and other senior officers. Operational functions will also have to become more sustainable, given the latest EU guidelines requiring companies to reduce their CO² emissions over the next five years. These obligations apply to entire supply chains. And, the lion's share of greenhouse gas emissions (50-80%) comes from third parties; which operate outside of direct controls. How is it possible to gain insights into amounts that partners in distant countries are emitting in terms of CO²? And even once this knowledge is gained, how can that then be translated into necessary actions? What conditions can be imposed upon partner companies who do further business with additional companies? The value chain is a complex and unruly ecosystem that requires careful management

Our Sustainable Value Chain Workshop covers multiple topics, including aspects of Finance & Reporting. Additionally, we share updates on the latest laws and regulations, and discuss the most successful best practices. Additionally, we provide a framework of points of attention and support clients to investigate which available measures will accord them the biggest and most significant impacts. 

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