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Deloitte Real Estate services

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Today’s real estate industry is adapting to a rapidly changing regulatory environment while facing the coordination of multiple service providers, the need to outsource non-core business functions, and a fast-growing technological landscape. Deloitte offers real estate organizations the right support to overcome challenges and maintain a competitive edge.

Today’s Real Estate industry is currently adapting to a rapidly changing regulatory environment, facing the coordination of multiple service providers, the need to outsource non-core business functions, and a fast-growing technological landscape. Real estate organizations are facing numerous challenges they need to overcome in order to maintain a competitive edge.

As a result of market influences like increasing capital allocations to Real Estate, changing dynamics between asset managers and investors, and assets becoming scarcer, business model changes are happening.

Firstly, when looking at Human Recourses, we can see that HR costs are a significant part of the Real Estate asset manager’s total budget. Also, large listed companies are moving investment teams in-house, and there are changing dynamics in localized vs. centralized offices.
Secondly, technologically new opportunities are arising to streamline and dashboard the transaction processes, increasing asset management efficiency. However, the RE industry has been underutilizing the made investments in IT solutions.
Lastly, there has been a shift towards the global and integrated compliance and reporting model when it comes to compliance, all while in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

These changes have led to the following Real Estate challenges:

Transition support
“We are in a phase of transition and need additional hands-on experience.”

Capital allocation
“There is too much working capital stuck in the business”

Lack of insight
“We want to gain better insight in how well the business is performing”

Efficient and timely delivery
“We struggle to meet our deadlines”

Outdated systems and data
“Our systems are dated and we have issues regarding data quality”

Need for capacity
“We are in need of a specific skillset and stakeholder management skills”

To counter these challenges, Deloitte has come up with the Deloitte Real Estate Solutions.

The first solution is to streamline the outsourcing processes and ecosystem between investment managers, property managers, and trust offices. The standardization of these processes and ecosystem will lead to optimization and finally automation.

The second solution is Process Automation and Data Visualization. This involves dashboarding and tracking target KPI’s, monitoring the compliance delivery model, automating standard administrative tasks, and facilitating global integrated platforms.

The last solution that helps Deloitte deal with the challenges is its focus on financial risk management and compliance.

These solutions ensure that the previously mentioned challenges now become opportunities. 

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