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Do you want to improve your finance function?

Improving the performance of your financial department requires an operational mindset, strong financial skills, and the ability to create durable partnerships to drive organizational change. Reshape your finance department and grow your business results: Get started with the Deloitte Impact Controller.

How will we create value for your business?

We help finance leaders address the most critical priorities in enabling finance to support and create value for the business - from establishing finance as a trusted business partner to developing a high-performance operating model, improving core processes, and managing ongoing performance.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals with at least a financial master’s degree and often a post-master in accountancy (RA) or controlling (RC). We further develop our Finance in Control professionals with the right experience and train them in important soft skills to enable them to make a lasting impact on your finance organization. We can support you with the following services:

  • Finance Advise
    Assess and define strategic choices for changing or improving finance
  • Interim Finance Management
    Development of finance team and implementation of finance vision
  • Interim Business Control
    Dashboarding, forecasting & analysis and business case drafting & evaluation
  • Interim Financial Control
    Internal control as well as financial reporting
  • Interim Project Control
    Operating and optimizing project control
  • Interim Operational Finance
    Accounts payable & receivable, drafting of reporting and bookkeeping

Financial Advise

Are you in a phase of transition and with a need to improve your finance & control department?

Following a standardized approach, we help you in identifying and defining the necessary strategic choices for changing or improving the direction of finance.


  • Insight in current state
  • Proper benchmarking
  • Clear vision for finance
  • High-level business case 
  • Roadmap for implementation
  • New designed Service Delivery Model

Interim Finance & Control Support

Our team consists of highly trained professionals with at least a financial master’s degree and often a post-master in accountancy (RA) or controlling (RC). They can be your trusted financer partner in helping with finance & control sourcing needs and continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your Finance function.

We further develop our controllers using an extensive training program called the impact controller. Being an impact controller requires a strong operational mindset and hands-on approach. All our professionals are therefore extensively trained on relevant soft skills to maximize their impact:

  1. Hard skills: Deloitte builds upon the impact controller’s financial education by offering training in relevant Finance-related areas
  2. Soft skills : Being an impact controller requires a strong operational mindset and hands-on approach: our professionals are extensively trained on relevant soft skills to maximize their impact
  3. Experience: Our impact controllers quickly build experience in the finance domain by working on complex projects in multidisciplinary teams.

We are your trusted partner in continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your Finance function!

We can fill in all sourcing needs within the finance & control department:

Deloitte distinguishes four focus areas in the finance domain where a different skillset and approach is needed. By conducting projects in all areas, the impact controller builds up the required expertise needed for the top level.

Interim Business Control

Do you have the feeling you are not in control?
Do you want to gain better insight into how well the business is performing?
Do you want to better support your business or challenge management with analysis and insights?

Our business controllers support you with analysis to have a better insight into the performance of your business, the use of dashboarding, analytics and soft skills to improve the business control role.
Topics may include implementing and optimizing Business Intelligence (BI) tooling, defining Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), reporting and analysis, drafting business cases and being the strategic business partner.

Interim Financial control

Do you want to be more in control?
Do you want to have better insight by improving the quality of management reporting?
Do you lack specific accounting knowledge, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Dutch Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) topics?

Our financial controllers can help you to be in control with an optimized internal control framework and to have better insight into the performance of your organization with a higher quality of management reporting. They can also assist you with specific accounting expertise, financial reporting, forecasting and budgeting. But also with improving your internal control framework, for instance, by describing your processes, analyze the risks and controls and present an improvement proposal.

Interim Project control

Are your projects running out of control?
Do you want to quickly scale-up a project if needed?

Projects can be complicated, operate in a complex environment and carry with them all the dynamics of a small company, thereby posing a major challenge from a control perspective.
Our project controllers can bring your project(s) in control and also aid you in more complicated project control questions, such as help with risk management, forecasting and generating management accounting insights.

Interim Operational finance support

Do you need active, hands-on support?
Are you in need of support with a specific skill set?

You will be supported by professionals with experience within your desired area(s) of expertise. Our professionals can help you with topics such as transaction processing and drafting of reporting, or assist in operational processes such as Peer to Peer (P2P) and order to cash (O2C). They are also trained in the use of robotics to enable them to spot for automation opportunities while carrying out operational tasks.

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