Corporate Immigration

Corporate immigration compliance, strategic workforce planning, analytics and consulting services

Deloitte’s immigration team’s breadth and depth of expertise extends across the design and implementation of corporate immigration policies, processes and (digital) immigration solutions, including strategic workforce planning, consulting with organizations on risk and securing work authorizations. We support global employers in consistently complying with the relevant country’s law and regulations.

Your challenge

In this fast-moving environment, your business needs the right people at the right place as quick and seamless as possible. Your international workforce typically requires immigration documents to work abroad. Country regulations on immigration laws are generally complex and changing quickly, where non-compliance with relevant legislation can lead to severe consequences for both employer and employee. In this light, you will need to address questions like:

  • What immigration requirements should be met to ensure employees can legally enter, work and reside in a foreign country?
  • How soon can an employee start working abroad and what are the costs?
  • How do we manage immigration for short term business travelers whilst being conscious of business continuity?
  • How do we ensure immigration compliance for the contingent workforce?
  • Are we ready for unannounced inspections by the Immigration Authorities?
  • How to respond to the constantly changing immigration legislation in various jurisdictions?

Why Deloitte

Deloitte has an experienced and dedicated immigration team in the Netherlands and a strong network of Deloitte immigration teams in 135 countries. Our immigration team is part of Deloitte’s Global Employer Services team which, for example, consists of: international social security, wage and income tax experts, payroll and technology experts. So, why Deloitte? We offer a strong network of driven specialists, providing the best possible international mobility scenarios, enabling rapid deployment of your international workforce across the globe whilst being compliant with legislation in the relevant jurisdictions.

Our solution

We offer end-to-end immigration assistance, from securing work authorizations to the design of immigration solutions that support your corporate strategy. Due to our strong working relationships with immigration authorities all over the world, we are consulted by the government when it comes to designing new legislation enabling us to bring the voice of the business to the government ensuring immigration regulations are aligned with business needs.

Our services includes:

  • Managing immigration solutions for your international workforce 
  • Repatriation and termination of assignments
  • Mitigating immigration compliance risks
  • The design and implementation of immigration policies and processes 
  • Strategic immigration planning ensuring swift and efficient cross-border movements
  • Innovative immigration solutions using real-time employee data
  • Local governance support whilst working closely with government on policy and legislative changes

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Marike Maas

Marike Maas


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