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NL Japanese Services Group provides you with professional advice and comprehensive solutions

Deloitte Global Japanese Service Group operates as a platform to leverage expertise in the Japanese market and bridge the cultural gap, we are devoted to providing our clients with multi-member firm, multi-industry, multi-functional and multi-disciplinary services.

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Your challenge

Netherlands and Japan have had a long association over 100 years, and many Japanese multi-national companies have been headquartered in Netherlands to explore European markets. The difficulty they must face with is that diverse European market trends or cultures along with various European regulations multilayered (e.g., European Communities, each European government) being developed day-by-day.
It is obvious that Japanese companies have to deal with all of them properly and in a timely manner in order to enhance and boost their business operations in European market, and they therefore need trusted advisors to walk side by side with them, helping them navigate today’s complex business landscape.

Why Deloitte

The Global Japanese Services Group (JSG) is uniquely positioned to assist our clients navigate such complexity. With long history over 40 years, the Global JSG has come a long way to what it is today: covering almost all the geographies our clients invest and operate, delivering consistently high-standard services around the world. Deloitte’s closely knitted global network makes it possible for us to deploy dedicated professionals with language proficiency, cultural sensitivity, and professional expertise for our clients, wherever and whenever needed.

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Our solution

We have professionals who speak Japanese and/or understand Japanese business culture across all the service lines in Deloitte NL. The dedicated JSG network is committed to providing professional advice and comprehensive solutions to Japanese companies' globalization.

Assurance services

Deloitte Global Japanese Service Group can help to organizations see further and deeper into their businesses through our audit and assurance services. An audit is more than an obligation—it’s a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of an enterprise, providing insight that can inform future aspirations.

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Risk Advisory Services

Deloitte Global Risk Advisory are devoted to providing our clients with multi-member firm, multi-industry, multi-functional and multi-disciplinary services in aspect of risk related services such as Cyber, Compliance, Financial reporting, Accounting (IFRS/Dutch GAAP/local GAAP), Audit Readiness, Statutory Requirements, Internal Controls and Governance.

  • Accounting/internal control
    In the Netherlands entities need to comply with local statutory requirements, together with international subsidiaries a scattered landscape of accounting and internal control can be applicable. Compliance is required however the optimization of exemptions and possibilities of accounting choices (IFRS/Local GAAP) are often overseen. The complete financial reporting process can be structured in an optimized way to be compliant, in control and act in a responsible way.
  • Cyber/ Privacy
    You also needs to comply with EU and local IT requirements (including GDPR), including your controlling subsidiaries and branches. The effective IT compliance rules, monitoring and operations can be structured in an optimized way to be compliant, in control and act in a responsible way.
  • Our solution
    We can provide advisory services related to risks such as regulations, compliance, accounting, finance , cyber, digitalization, privacy, etc. to deal with difficulties you face in the complex European market from the perspective of a Japanese business culture. Having professionals who speak Japanese and/or understand Japanese business culture combined with the best knowledge, expertise and best practices will bring you and your business optimizations, compliance and control, all in all in a responsible way.

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Business Process Solutions

Businesses today face a rapidly evolving landscape including regulatory change, the adoption of more sophisticated approaches by revenue authorities, and swift advances in technology. Deloitte Business Process Solutions (BPS) offers a wide range of solutions and hands-on support in the fields of finance, controlling, technology and PMO. As business operating models, organizational priorities, and corporate cultures vary from business to business, every client receives a different approach, tailored to each specific business environment.

We can guarantee that your organization is compliant year after year. Deloitte International Compliance and Reporting is a team specialized in reporting and compliance services for international groups with Dutch entities. Our practice has an extensive pool of experienced and technically well-trained accountants and financial specialists. The decision to outsource may be driven by one or more service offerings that we offer, including:

  • Processing of the monthly / quarterly bookkeeping;
  • Compilation, Preparation and filling of the financial statements, minutes, Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and intrastat reports;
  • Preparation of periodic custom or standard management reporting packs for you and your stakeholders;
  • Reporting to requesting authorities such as “De Nederlandse Bank (DNB)” & “Centraal bureau voor de statistiek (CBS)”;
  • Project management (PMO) when multiple stakeholder and/or entities are in scope;
  • Automation and Process optimization through template creation and dashboards.
    With us as a compliance outsourcing provider, we can deliver the following benefits:
  • Gains in efficiency and quality achieved by leveraging structured processes;
  • Access to subject matter specialists;
  • Seamless execution of end-to-end processes, from compliance assessment through corrective action;
  • Flexibility to scale deployment of skilled resources up or down as needed;
  • Data analytics and reporting tools that provide predictive trends and insights;
  • Reduced burden on internal infrastructure and resources;
  • Reduced cost.

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International tax

As the international tax team of the Japanese Service Group we have experienced tax professionals to assist our Japanese clients in setting up their tax efficient structures and helping them with corporate income tax, withholding tax and compliance. When a Japanese client would like to engage into a M&A transaction, we can provide our services and ensure that all the services lines involved in the transaction and if desired have one single point of contact.Our services are aimed to ensure that our clients are compliant and have a full understanding of their corporate tax position in the Netherlands. We also assist our clients in their communication with the tax authorities. If desired, we can help our clients to obtain the appropriate rulings to ensure the clients gets upfront confirmation on the tax treatment of a specific transaction or the tax position of the company.

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Transfer Pricing

Businesses are facing an increasing number of tax and regulatory requirements imposed by the countries in which they operate. In the midst of uncertainty, we work with you to proactively minimize your risk exposure.

In the globalized economy, multinational organizations are operating in an environment of unprecedented complexity. The rising volume and variety of intercompany transactions and transfer pricing regulations, accompanied by increased enforcement activities worldwide have made transfer pricing a leading risk management issue for global businesses.

The Transfer Pricing team within the Japanese Services Group in the Netherlands combines the global experience of tax professionals and economic and financial consultants to help Japanese multinational companies which operate their businesses in the Netherlands as well as EMEA region.
Below are some of Deloitte’s transfer pricing solutions that can help your organization.

  • Plan: TP Consulting
    We use innovative transfer pricing solutions for the purposes of planning, documentation and defense.
  • Streamline: Operational TP
    We can support you to implement your Transfer Pricing policies accurately, transparently and efficiently through technology, data, processes and controls.
  • Manage: TP Documentation
    Having a globally consistent view of your tax data is a continuous challenge for leaders of multinational companies. We leverage best practices to help you develop an effective framework that will increase the global consistency of your transfer pricing data across all your operations.
  • Resolve: TP Controversy and dispute resolution
    Navigating the evolving regulatory environment and finding solutions for mandated transparency requirements all could affect the overall financial performance of your organization. We’ll assist you with your transfer pricing policies and help to guide your interactions with global tax authorities.

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Global Employer Services

The services will be delivered by our Global Employer Services (GES) practice. At Deloitte, all global mobility related services, including tax, payroll, compensation, equity, social security, and immigration, are embodied in one structure, under one leadership with one common vision to provide a distinctive client experience. The full breadth of our GES practice is shown below:

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Legal Solutions

Adequate legal services are of increasing (strategic) importance for organizations. Legal considerations play an important role in almost every decision. In order to be able to act quickly, lawyers must be able to work without delay and, above all, together with you and the other experts brought in. We speak the same language and are integrated into projects from the outset. Innovation and technology are also high on the agenda.

Many Japanese multi-national companies have been headquartered in Netherlands and from thereon access the European markets and to govern their group entities and branches. The difficulty they face lays in the various and complex regulations from a legal perspective. At the same time, issues often contain business and tax considerations which play a role in decision making. Japanese multi-national companies also have to make sure that they are fully complaint with applicable regulation in every country involved. This calls for advisers who understand the business dynamics and hence the impact of legal decisions on other parts of the company. Furthermore, the constant changes in the legal landscape requires Japanese multi-national companies to constantly assess their business model and accompanying legal structure.

With a globally connected network of member firms in over 165 countries, Deloitte brings world-class capabilities and high-quality service to clients by delivering the insights they need to address their most complex business challenges.
In addition, within Deloitte we collaborate with disciplines such as Finance, Risk, Tax and Consulting and our legal professionals can provide you with integrated advice. This, combined with our large international network, enables us to provide you with a quick overview of the implications of cross-border transactions, such as Transfer Pricing, BEPS, M&A and Corporate Restructuring.
Deloitte Legal offers services in the areas of:

  • Corporate Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Digital Law
  • Employment Law and Benefits
  • Legal Management Consulting
  • Regulatory Law

Together with you, we will assess which expertise is required to answer your question. Within Deloitte you will have access to advice on all disciplines, in-depth market knowledge and a worldwide network of professionals. We use the latest technologies and are strongly driven by innovation. In addition to providing advice, we also help you implement technology, strategy and the execution of advice. You may request a cost estimate from us in advance for the provision of services.

Deloitte Legal is part of Deloitte's international legal network, which consists of more than 2,000 lawyers in over 80 countries worldwide.

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Tax Package - Highlights 

Below you will find a summary of the most notable items in the Tax Packages each year, that are relevant for Dutch subsidiaries of Japanese MNC’s. Click on the link and the file will be downloaded.


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