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Transform and align your mobile workforce using technology and analytics

The workforce and talent pools are evolving, driven by new talent models and an ever more mobile workforce. For HR, that can mean redesigning jobs, redefining work, and reimagining the workplace. Businesses, employees, and contractors, meanwhile, expect a mobility experience that is simple and personal. Companies must identify the HR technology and workforce solutions that best meet mobile employees’ needs and are right for the organization and industry.

On top of that businesses face challenges in terms of being compliant with every tax and social security law. Deloitte helps employers minimise the costs and maximise the opportunities inherent in payroll and HR systems, by
turning data into strategic management information.  

Financial HR Analytics, A strategic approach to employment tax

Moving from data to decisions

Deloitte’s Financial HR Analytics is an advanced business intelligence solution that helps you explore ways of reducing a significant business cost and ensure compliance with wage tax, international tax and social security legislation. Whether it’s identifying reward packages for key employees, designing an expense reimbursement policy or assessing the impact of (potential) changes to legislation, you want to be confident of operating in the most tax and cost-efficient manner possible. Financial HR Analytics is a stand-alone program that pulls together real-time data from across the company, compares it to external data and produces information to support compliance, cost control and decision making. 

Navigate through the payroll, personnel and finance data to identify the risks and opportunities associated with human resources. Deloitte’s powerful analytical software collects data from multiple sources and analyses it according to your needs and circumstances. Static reports are a thing of the past. The user-friendly dashboard lets you interact with data, ask questions
and produce state-of-the art graphics whenever you wish. This lets you:

  • develop commercially-appropriate and tax-effective remuneration packages
  • meet local and international regulations and reporting obligations
  • monitor your tax-free employees’ reimbursement budget
  • control major cost drivers such as sick leave, expense claims and pensions contributions
  • track business resources provided to employees (laptops, phones, etc)

Financial HR Analytics is an indispensible part of your company’s Tax Control Framework. By monitoring your financial HR data continuously, you can minimise your tax bill, avoid penalties and contribute to your company’s overall strategy.


Guy Thien

Guy Thien


Ik werk bij Deloitte op het scheidsvlak tussen tax en technologie en specialiseer mij hier in de financiële kan van personeelszaken, door ons ook wel Financial HR genoemd. Met Analytics, Artificial In... More