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We believe in tax departments who embrace the fast changing tax environment under pressure of increased regulatory requirements, expectations of internal stakeholders, digitization and cost reduction ambitions. There is a lot more to be proactively managed by tax departments in less time, with less people and with lower budgets. How resilient to pressure and these changes is your tax function? We invite you to have a discussion with us around your tax operating model, your risk management framework and how you can anticipate to what is coming your way. Change the perspective from reacting to everything around you to being resilient and anticipate change.

Your challenge

Pressure to do more with less, strengthened by a few of these challenges:

  • Comply with more, new and complex regulatory requirements which are becoming more and more global and digital driven
  • Continuously reduce cost of the tax department, and at the same time add more significant value to the organization
  • Manage tax risk proactively, confronted with root causes outside the tax department and pressure from tax authorities on their risk-based approach
  • Contribute to large projects in Finance, SSC and M&A whilst often still involved late
  • Time spend on tax audits and enquiries, document and data management
  • Time spend on repetitive activities, such as data collection and reconciliation

Our solution

We developed standardized methods to help tax departments to tackle their challenges for the short and longer term. On top of that we developed a large database of expertise to help guide tax departments and benchmark with their peers. With these tools we can help you:

  • Organize your tax operating model, your governance set-up (tax policy) and align these with goals of the organization
  • Anticipate on cost reduction requirements, finance transformation programs and build a tax organization which is resilient
  • Build your Tax Control Framework, test controls and manage tax authorities (horizontal monitoring)
  • Manage projects around finance outsourcing, shared service centers and post-merger integration
  • Implement supporting technology to manage the tax function (central document repository, risk management, workflow management)
  • Build robots to reduce time spent on repetitive activities (Robotic Process Automation)

Client cases

Please click one of the below client cases for an impression of typical Tax Strategy and Operations projects:

Tax in Business Process Outsourcing: Outsourcing of Procurement and Finance processes, while managing Tax risk and other exposures.

Tax in Finance Transformation: Rapid cost reduction and transformation on the path to a world class Tax Function.

Tax in Post-Merger Integration: Integration of two tax functions, leveraging best practices and combining the best of both worlds.

Tax Risk Management: Delivery of a new framework to accelerate a global, strategic and collaborative approach towards tax (risk) management.

More information

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Ivonne van den Berg

Ivonne van den Berg


Ivonne will be able to support you in the field of monitoring and control. She has 7 years of experience in tax transformation projects. As part of that experience, she has been involved in the design... More