Tax Organization and Operations Consulting


Tax Organization and Operations Consulting

Tax Management Consulting

The role of the tax director is rapidly changing due to both internal and external factors, making communicating with stakeholders increasingly challenging. Central to any tax department’s effectiveness is a cohesive global strategy reinforced by a detailed implementation roadmap. An important step is to assess your existing tax department operations and map them to your organization’s broader strategies.

In our view the world’s leading tax departments integrate business strategy and risk management into their tax organization and operating model. Deloitte advises organizations’ tax departments as they seek to align tax operations to their business strategy often in conjunction with a finance transformation project.

The Management of Tax - Global Research Bulletin

Your Challenges

  1. Do you have your tax strategy documented? Are your initiatives aligned to broader business objectives?
  2. Do you have tax processes and controls documented and shared with your team?
  3. How do you shape your tax operations in accordance to new (local) regulations?
  4. Is your tax department aligned with the current finance transformation within your company?

Our Solution

Services include helping the tax function develop its strategy and providing analysis of organizational models, roles and responsibilities; job skill requirements; performance measurement; and governance and controls within a tax department.

We may also assist with the integration of a business’s processes for tax compliance, tax audit and evaluating and managing its tax rate, which can include determining whether appropriate key performance indicators for performance management are in place.

More information

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