Anke Vervoorn

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Anke Vervoorn

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I am a Senior Manager, working for Deloitte since 2013 in the PCAOB & Listed service line. My focus is on serving listed clients in combination with large international clients (group audits) and large private companies - a great mix of different type of clients while having my industry focus within Consumer Business. In my audits, I focus on innovating the audit approach by further embedding data driven audit tools and applications in it.

I combine my financial audit role with being a Senior Manager within the Sustainability Assurance & Advisory team - focused on delivering advisory and assurance services to clients along their sustainability journey triggered by the upcoming legislations such as the CSRD. A great dynamic playing field in which I really enjoy the conversations with clients on this topic and helping them navigating in the right direction. I am the co-lead for Sustainability Assurance within Deloitte the Netherlands, being co-responsible together with the Sustainability Audit (co-)lead and Sustainability Assurance Lead for the overall Sustainability Strategy within our Audit & Assurance practice. As part of that role, and that fits perfectly within my drive to innovate and digitalize our audit & assurance approach, I am the ESG Analytics lead within our Sustainability Audit & Assurance practice in the Netherlands working together with our Sustainability Audit & Assurance practice as well as our greatly enthusiastic team of Analytics experts to do things smart and with a data-driven approach.

Anke Vervoorn