Anne-Barbara Lemmens

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Senior Manager

Anne-Barbara Lemmens

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I lead the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion proposition within Human Capital Consulting. I combine my life- and work-experience of being an M&A consultant for Deloitte in both New York and Amsterdam for over a decade, working for several clients on transformation projects, setting up my own company in New York helping women to return-to-work, writing a book about judgements and how these have an impact on everything we say, do or think and being a mom of three adorable kids into an unique offering for our clients. As the DE&I team, being part of the Sustainable work proposition, we offer a wide range of DE&I offerings, such as D&I maturity scans, D&I baseline assessments, psychological safety programs, Inclusive Leadership programs and pay equity offerings. Re-learn to think, feel and act like a human being by experiencing is the core of these offerings. Whenever you hear a client talking about challenges with respect to diversity, equity, inclusion, psychological safety, team dynamics, retention, mental health or communication don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I figured out how to tap into my emotional intelligence and soft/feminine side along the way and I’d love for our client(-teams) to be able to do so as well. This will make life and interacting with each other more interesting and human.

Anne-Barbara Lemmens