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Corina van Lindonk

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Corina van Lindonk is an international tax director of the Deloitte office in Amsterdam. She supports Deloitte clients and staff on the more heavyweight tax-technical issues and has over 20 years of experience as an international tax specialist. Today, Corina is serving a large number of multinational clients and is directly involved in relatively large takeovers and international restructurings on a pan-European level with a focus on the Netherlands. She has experience in both the national and international tax advice practice. On top of that, Corina is a member of the Deloitte Opinion Committee.

Corina holds a Master Degree in Tax Law from University of Leiden. Furthermore, she holds a PhD degree in Tax Law, University of Leiden. Corina used to be a judge at the Court of Appeal, Leeuwarden. She is a certified tax advisor and a member of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors. Corina is an author of various publications in authoritative tax journals and is acting as a teacher in various internal and external education programs.

Corina van Lindonk