Dione de Jong-Elsinga

Technology Strategy & Transformation


Dione de Jong-Elsinga

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Organizations across the globe are attuned to the urgent need to transform their business and operating models, in light of evolving customer behaviors, disruptive technologies, and globalization. Yet many senior executives feel their organizations are not capable of driving the transformational changes necessary to create higher-performing organizations.

Dione’s personal focus and passion lies in helping clients in their Digital Transformation. To Future Proof their organization and to make the difference between transformations that realize optimum value, and those that come up short. In other words, in translating vision into value and strategy into successful operational execution.

Dione is partner at Deloitte Consulting and has more than 14 years of experience in consulting Board rooms and senior leadership with complex challenges in transforming their business, and relies on more than 12 years of practical experience within Unilever and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Dione de Jong-Elsinga