Frans Geurts


Senior Manager

Frans Geurts

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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I am a Senior Manager within Deloitte Consulting and work in the Analytics & Cognitive service line in the Netherlands. I primarily work in the field of Visual Analytics. 

Visual Analytics designs, develops and delivers (advanced) data visualization solutions by a user-centric approach. We are experts in Storytelling with data. Our team has broad skills and deep knowledge of designing the most effective and efficient visualization in the given context, for the given audience and purpose. We develop rich visual narratives that retain the complexity of the data while making it accessible and understandable. Ultimately, we want to clarify, not simplify.

I have extensive experience in Data- and Information design. Before joining Deloitte, I founded and worked at Infogram. Infogram served clients generating insights through information-, data- and legal design. I managed projects at the intersection of data and visualization.

Frans Geurts