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Freekje Huisman

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Freekje Huisman is a manager at Deloitte and works in the Artificial Intelligence & Data department of Deloitte's Consulting practice in the Netherlands. With a background in MSc Change Management and MSc Healthcare Management, she has developed a passion for organizing the role of data within the public sector, with an eye for the changes this brings to an organization. Within Deloitte, Freekje focuses on the challenges and potential of exchanging and utilizing data, including developing a (joint) data strategy, the associated transformation of organizations, and any necessary digital foundations. Freekje specifically focuses on the domain of healthcare, believing that utilizing data for the benefit of healthcare is crucial for affordable, accessible, and high-quality care. Intensive collaboration (between organizations) and innovation based on data, with the citizen at the center, is the common thread for the future of healthcare, in her view.

Freekje Huisman