Heike Dekker



Heike Dekker

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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  • I am advising our clients on End-to-End Workforce Transformation Solutions: starting with the people- and work strategy of the future, strategic workforce planning, sustainable human capability & skill development, including wellbeing and D&I to build a purposeful workplace. The focus on all is the impact of automation/ digitization on the workforce, job roles and skills and how to strategically develop them to deliver business value. I primarly work in the Manufacturing Industry.
  • Heike brings more than 29 years of project- and business experience. My industry experience prior to Deloitte makes me a valuable sparring combining strategic thinking with pragmatic solutions to get smart ideas into action.
  • I came to Deloitte in 2014. Before that period I worked in several senior HR and Business Roles for global Manufacturers and Banking.
Heike Dekker