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Helene Geijtenbeek

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Helene is Partner in Deloitte’s Tax & Legal practice where she leads the Dutch grants, incentives and environmental taxes group. Helene’s experience in grants and incentives spans almost 20 years and includes all aspects of the grant procurement process, from project development and grant application writing to project management and grant compliance. Helene is highly experienced assisting global companies with their incentives management around the globe.

Helene is very passionate about the sustainability topic and therefore her main focus area is to support large Dutch and international corporates in pursuing their sustainability goals. Her areas of expertise range from identifying and validating relevant benefits (tax, cash grants, other instruments) and assisting in monetizing these opportunities in a structured manner. Helene has been involved in several large scale projects regarding the energy transition and decarbonization.

Within the broader Tax and Legal practice Helene is determined to raise awareness for the variety of ESG-related angles within the tax domain, such as tax transparency, green taxes and reporting. It is her mission to get sustainability into the DNA of all Deloitte employees.

Helene Geijtenbeek