Joost van Wattingen



Joost van Wattingen

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Joost is mad about technology, data, automation, structure and optimization (in random order). Ever since he started his career in digital analytics in the 00s, Joost has operated on the edge of business and technology. He does so by discovering and exploiting opportunities for improvement in digital business through the application of analytics, while translating business information needs into technical solutions and processes to collect data and gain value from it. Joost leads the Digital Analytics Guild of Deloitte in the Netherlands and focuses on banking organizations, while his experience also includes working for many insurance, telecom, media and public organizations. Areas of special interest include Formula 1, Star Wars and console gaming, so beware of starting a nerdy conversation when mentioning any of these to Joost!

Joost van Wattingen