Jorien Martinius

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Jorien Martinius

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Since 2017, I am part of the Regulatory Risk service line of Deloitte’s Risk Advisory practice in the Netherlands.

I primarily work in the Financial Services Industry, where I specialize in assessing the regulatory impact on innovation, new business strategies products and market entry.

As the accountability of financial institutions, as well as their role in society, have increased in importance it is crucial keep the financial sector safe and responsible. New and revised laws and regulations are constantly introduced, for instance in the field of money laundering and terrorist financing, and financial consumer health. Part of my expertise is my in-depth knowledge of these laws and regulations and the ability to apply them in such a way that the industry is enabled to innovate and develop a trusted relationship with consumers.

This includes the implementation of non-financial regulations such as PSD2, AML/CFT, Sanctions and Duty of Care, risk assessments, Compliance transformations and the implementation of new regulations.

Jorien Martinius