Jos van der Vleuten



Jos van der Vleuten

Amerikalaan 110

Maastricht Airport

6199 AE Maastricht


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I am working as a Director for Deloitte Tax Lawyers in the Southern Part of the Netherlands and I have more than 34 years of experience in tax advising. I provide tax advice to national and international clients active in the Corporate or larger Family Business market. I focus on health and retail related business activities including distance sales. Besides in tax advising I have experience in tax court procedures. You can contact me for your (inter)national tax planning, M&A projects, restructuring, succession planning, inheritance tax etc.

I have studied Law and Tax Law at Maastricht University and Tilburg University. Married status and three children. Specialized over more than 30 years in the Family Business. I like cycling.

Jos van der Vleuten