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Kürşad Güney

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I am a partner in Financial Advisory, leading the Dutch Digital Forensics and eDiscovery teams. We leverage our technical expertise and innovative forensic technology in large-scale investigations, and analyse massive amounts of data across multiple jurisdictions. Providing clients with actionable insights that enable them to make informed decisions, mitigate risks and demonstrate compliance with regulations. I am energised by the opportunity to make a difference.

I have been in digital forensics and eDiscovery for over 20 years. I really enjoy the moments when our expertise leads to the uncovering of some new information would otherwise have stayed hidden or lost. When we are called upon by a client to support them in managing an incident it is often under time pressure. At those moments it is especially enjoyable to see my team come together as one to dissect and tackle a complex matter using their skills, expertise and creativity. I once had a client sincerely ask me how we seem to know everything about everything, and how we always ask the right questions. This is a textbook example of the combined strength we have as Deloitte.

Kürşad Güney